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HTML Editor apk - Download for Android -

HTML Editor apk - Download for Android -

HTML Editor apk, HTML Editor for android, HTML Editor apk download

 Version   2.25
 Size  1.65 MB
 Downloads  500K+
 Released on  29-Jul-2015
 Updated on  10-Jul-2016
 Offered by  Subedi

  1. HTML Editor apk, HTML Editor for android, HTML Editor apk download

What's new in HTML Editor v2.25

The latest version html editor apk features

Added img and a tag
-More beginner friendly
-No need to wait for app to load
-Monospace (coding font) used
-Banner ad replaced with interstitial ad to free space for editor

-Annoying keyboard on start hidden
-Shortcuts are now visible with the keyboard
-Toolbar when selecting text is always visible
-Scroll to any text/part of the webpage even when the keyboard is shown

-Faster, better syntax highlighting
-Alert, confirm and prompt dialogs for javascript


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About HTML Editor

Who wants to type ? Type span and press a button.

Who wants to type when you can type span and press a button?

Create, edit and view HTML, CSS and javascript files.
-Syntax highlighting
-Shortcut buttons
-View HTML document
-HTML5 template

This HTML editor apk includes File manager, HTML Editor, and HTML viewer. Improve your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS skills. You can even use it to edit simple XML.

The best HTML Editor apk on the internet, try this app if you want to edit any type of coding. I guarantee you never disappoint using this app.

Feature file manager:
Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete single file, files, a single folder, folders or combination
Rename the file, folder
Browse files
Open files with default apps
Create a new empty file with or without any extension
Create new folder
File-names are checked to prevent any problems (symbols like /, \, :, % etc are ignored in file-names because they are illegal characters)

We hope this app becomes as useful to you as it has been to us, You may also want to know about the Enterprise asset management system.