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Drain Mansion v1.4.0b [Kredyn] Download (All Device)

Drain Mansion v1.4.0b [Kredyn] Download (All Device)

drain mansion

Version v3.5c
Size3.5 GB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 16-Oct-2021
Offered by Kredyn

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About Drain Mansion

Want to download drain mansion v1.4.0c latest version for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices for Free?

Drain Mansion is an Adventure game that is based on pixel art graphics, in this game players have solve different kinds of environmental puzzles and have to defeat enemies.

The Drain Mansion game is about a person who one day wakes up in an unknown dark abandoned mansion and didn't remember how he get into this mansion, and the play going to play the role of this person.

Now it is the player's responsibility to get out of this big dark mansion without getting into trouble,

But the journey of getting out of the drain mansion is not going to be easy because while traveling through so many unknown places players have to solve so many environmental puzzles and knock out the enemies.

If the players know the right way to get out of the mansion then they can easily make their way out of the drain mansion,

Players are able to use a variety of weapons and equipment to kill enemies and also solve environmental puzzles using the drain mansion walkthrough file.

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Drain Mansion Walkthrough

In the beginning, the player has to run toward the corridor unit they find an open door,

After finding the door players has to complete a simple quiz to open the second door, in this quiz player need to turn on some lights, after turning all the lights the door will be opened and they can escape from the current room.

Now some enemies will try to knock out you but the player can use an open door to escape, once they go out of your way you can leave the place enemy.

I'm not mentioning the complete walkthrough here because it can decrease the gameplay experience for some players, also it will spoil the complete storyline of the game.

To know the complete walkthrough of the Drain Mansion game player can download the PDF file from this post.

Drain Mansion FAQs

You can refer to the below section to get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can't Install Drain Mansion on Android?

If you already installed the old or previous version installed on your Android device then you may get an error of App/Game not installed, to fix this problem first you need to uninstall the previous version then just install the new version of this game.

Before uninstalling the previous version make sure to backup all of your game files so that you can continue the game in the next version,

Just copy or move the file from Android/data/com.Kredyn.DrainMansion/files, once the game is installed you can replace the backup file in the same location to continue playing the game.

Can I Download Drain Mansion Game for Free?

The developer publishes this game for free to and for all types of devices, which means users can download the game files for free of cost and run them on their devices, the game files are available on this post as well, you can download them for free.

How to Download Drain Mansion Game?

To download the game files make sure you're on the Drain Mansion game page on our site, then you can click on the download button according to your device type to download the game files,

Follow the steps to download Drain Mansion

  • First Click on the download button as per your device type.
  • Now, wait while the download link is generating.
  • Once the download link is generated click on it.
  • Now the game files start downloading now your device.
  • After a few minutes, the game files will be completely downloaded.

How to run Drain Mansion Game?

Once you downloaded the game file according to your device you can easily run it by following a few simple steps which I have mentioned below, If you using an Android device then follow the first method otherwise go with the second method.

Follow the steps to install Drain Mansion on Android

  • First, open your file manager app on your Android device.
  • Now go to your download folder or where the game file is saved.
  • Then click on the game apk file, then click click on install.
  • Now, wait while the game is being installed on your Android device.
  • Once the game is installed you can play the game without any problem.

Follow the steps to run Drain Mansion on Windows

  • Open file explorer or any other file manager app on your Windows PC.
  • Now extract the game file, by right-clicking on it.
  • Then open the game file, then double-click on the drainmansion.exe file
  • Now the game starts running and you can play it.

I hope you have successfully downloaded the game files of Drain Mansion from this post, If you like this game then you may also want to play Milfs Plaza or Ring of Lust.

For all the upcoming future updates regarding this game, you can follow us on the Facebook page, and for all the downloading and installation tutorials you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.