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Nano Control (v1.01a) [Smilingdog] Android | PC

Nano Control (v1.01a) [Smilingdog] Android | PC

Nano Control

Publisher Smilingdog
Size 314 MB
Version v1.01a

About Nano Control

Play Nano Control game latest version game on your Android, Windows, or Mac devices, by downloading the game files from this page.

Nano Control is a video game that revolves around a you character, who has recently relocated to the secluded town of Little Eden due to their father's deployment.

Upon arrival, they find themselves cut off from modern amenities like television, internet, and cell reception.

However, their fortunes take a turn when they encounter an enigmatic individual who offers them a chance to transform their circumstances and potentially create their own version of paradise.

The game's storyline unfolds as the you navigates the challenges and opportunities presented in Little Eden.

They must utilize their wit, skills, and resources to build and manage their newfound community.

The central feature of Nano Control is the ability to wield nanotechnology, which allows them to exert control over various aspects of their environment.

Nano Control

Key Features of Nano Control

Resource Management

You must manage resources such as food, water, energy, and materials to sustain and develop your community.

Balancing these resources is crucial for the prosperity and growth of Little Eden.


You harness the power of nanotechnology to manipulate the environment, enhance productivity, and overcome obstacles.

Nanotech abilities may include terraforming landscapes, constructing structures, enhancing crop yields, and even defending against threats.

Community Building

As you progress, you have the opportunity to recruit and interact with diverse characters within the town.

Building relationships and making strategic decisions about alliances and conflicts shape the community's dynamics and overall success.

Exploration and Discovery

Little Eden is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered. You can explore the surrounding wilderness, uncovering hidden secrets, ancient ruins, and valuable resources that can aid in your quest to build paradise.

Choice and Consequence

Your decisions have significant ramifications on the storyline and the fate of Little Eden. Every choice made influences the development of the town and its inhabitants, leading to multiple possible outcomes and endings.

Dynamic Events

Random events and challenges keep gameplay fresh and engaging. From natural disasters to unexpected visitors, you must adapt and respond to the ever-changing circumstances in Little Eden.

Multi-Device Support

Nano Control is available on Android, Windows, and Mac devices because of this cross-device support you can able to play the game on different screen sizes.

Also if you travel a lot then you could download the game on your Android device and play the game whenever you want to.


You have the freedom to customize your character, community, and surroundings, allowing for personal expression and unique gameplay experiences.

Overall, Nano Control offers a compelling blend of strategy, simulation, and storytelling, challenging you to wield advanced technology and shape the destiny of a small town amidst the wilderness.

Be sure to download the latest version of the using the downloading link available at the top of this page, it is absolutely free to download the game file from this page.

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