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Super Mamono Sisters v4.7.2e [Shimofumi-ya] (MOD)

Super Mamono Sisters v4.7.2e [Shimofumi-ya] (MOD)

Super Mamono Sisters

Publisher Shimofumi-ya
Size 41 MB
Version v4.7.2e

About Super Mamono Sisters

Now play the Super Mamono Sisters game's latest version in English on your Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

This is one of the popular games played by mostly Japanese players because the game is available only in the Japanese language.

An exciting aspect of the Super Mamono Sisters game is that you can now enjoy it with identical graphics, storyline, and features, but this time in English.

Super Mamono Sisters

Here is a little more about the Super Mamono Sisters game.

In Super Mamono Sisters, you follow the thrilling journey of Mia and Lulu, two sisters with unique abilities, as they navigate through a magical world overrun by monsters.

The game's storyline unfolds as Mia and Lulu embark on a quest to rescue their kidnapped parents from the clutches of an evil sorcerer who seeks to harness the power of dark magic for his nefarious purposes.

As you progress through the game, you can encounter diverse environments ranging from enchanted forests to treacherous dungeons, each teeming with challenging obstacles and formidable adversaries.

Mia and Lulu must utilize their individual skills and teamwork to overcome these obstacles, engaging in fast-paced combat encounters with a variety of monsters and bosses.

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Key features of the Super Mamono Sisters Game

Dynamic Combat System

You can engage in fluid and strategic combat using Mia and Lulu's unique abilities, combining melee attacks, magic spells, and special moves to defeat enemies.

Exploration and Discovery

The game offers expansive levels filled with secrets, hidden treasures, and interactive elements, encouraging players to explore every corner of the world to uncover its mysteries.

Character Progression

The good thing is that as you advance through the game, you can level up Mia and Lulu, unlocking new abilities, spells, and equipment upgrades to enhance their combat prowess and exploration capabilities.

Cooperative Gameplay

Super Mamono Sisters features a cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing friends to join forces and embark on the adventure together, sharing the excitement and challenges of the journey.

Rich Storyline

Immersive narrative-driven gameplay immerses players in the captivating story of Mia and Lulu's quest to save their parents and thwart the evil sorcerer's plans, filled with twists, turns, and memorable characters.


Overall, Super Mamono Sisters offers an engaging blend of action-packed gameplay, captivating storytelling, and cooperative multiplayer experience, providing players with an unforgettable adventure in a vibrant and magical world.

Use the download link available above to download the English version of this game for your Android and other devices.

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