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Vampire Mansion (Unreal Engine) [eTIRUe] | 2024-02-24

Vampire Mansion (Unreal Engine) [eTIRUe] | 2024-02-24

Vampire Mansion

Publisher eTIRUe
Size 2.55 MB
Version v2024-02-24

About Vampire Mansion

The game begins when a male character travels through a forest on a dark heavy rainy night to sell products to the market.

He slipped and fell because a tree fell near him. Luckily, a woman came to help him and then took him to her big house.

The next day, when the main character woke up, he found out that the woman was not a regular person, she was a vampire. He realized he needed to escape the mansion before she knocked him out.

Unfortunately, the journey to escape the house will not be easy because all the exit of the house is locked and first you need to find the keys without getting caught by the vampire.

The mansion is so big and contains multiple rooms which makes it easy for you the developer of the Vampire Mansion has added a map into the game that you can use to explore the house and all the locations.

While exploring the mansion and its rooms you may encounter the Mansion and she will surely knock you out and you will lose all of your energy.

Vampire Mansion

The good thing is that you can fight with the Vampire or knock out some movement so that you can find a way.

Items like holy light, pure water, garlic spray, and other weapons can be used on the vampire to stop her from moving.

The main goal of this game is to find a way to get out of the mansion and find out all the hidden things connected with the vampire.

There are three different modes available in the game in the current latest version:

Vampire Mansion Game Mode

Normal Mode

If you playing the game for the first time then normal mode would be great for you as you can explore the mansion and all the hidden items.

Also, the vampire will attack you less in the normal mode,

But remember that you will not be able to access so many additional features, if you want to access them then you need to play the hard more.

Hard Mode

In hard mode, the gameplay changes slightly. Finding the items mentioned becomes more difficult, and the vampire will try to knock you out more frequently compared to normal mode.

Velina's Room

In Velina's Room mode, you can explore Velina's room in detail, customize her appearance, and perform various tasks with her.

So if you decide to download this game and run it on your device then one and the most important thing you need to make sure of is the game requirement.

If your device doesn't meet the game's minimum required specs then you will see issues while playing the game.

Game Requirements

Here is the list of Vampire Mansion game requirements

Processor Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
Storage 5 GB Space
OS All newer versions of Windows 10

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Escape from Mansion Vampire Game?

Escape from the mansion of this game requires a good knowledge of all the locations, game items, and a strategy, you may fail to complete the game at the beginning but as you play the game more time you will able to escape from the mansion.

What Devices Support Vampire Mansion?

This game is currently playable only on Windows PC and not on any other device currently right now, before downloading this game be sure to check if your device meets the game requirements.

Is this Game Playable offline?

Yes, this is an completely offline game and doesn't require internet access to play the game.

We will keep this page up to date with the latest game files, which means whenever you download the game file you will get the latest file all the time.

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