Monday, June 1, 2020

Horrorfield Mod Apk v1.2.10 (Map Hack/Freeze) Download for Android

Horrorfield Mod Apk v1.2.10 (Map Hack/Freeze) Download for Android

 Version  1.2.10
 Size  92.87 MB
 Downloads  10M+
 Released on  22-Apr-2019
 Updated on  25-May-2020
 Offered by  Skytec Games, Inc 

About Horrorfield Mod Apk

In this scary horror game, you will a member a group of 5 members, then you can join any 1 of 2 different roles - Killer or survivor

All the members of this game have to survive in a horror village where there is no life or any villagers. But there is a killer in the village waiting for the unfortunate visitors to come to him. But Who is he? A maniac or a murderer? What will happen? Can they survive? Only you can find the answer.

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Role of the Players

In this game, each member has a unique skill and Professional specialty which will help you to survive in the scary village and also you can kill the murderer.

The game has up to 7 different characters for you to choose from, It doesn't matter which role you choose at last by combining all characters you can win the game.

Horrorfield: Maniac

In this game, I mostly like to Play the maniac role, by controlling this character you will able to kill the survivors but they can't. Interesting right, Special feature of Maniac is you can see the footsteps of other players and follow them or kill everyone by Using the saw in your hands.

Maniac also has seven characters including one hunting style each. Which can be interesting for you.

Supplies and Weapons

If you play a role of a survivor then you get the ability to find Weapons and supplies. Find the all parts of the generator to win the game otherwise, another group finds you.

The game is not easy as it looks like you have to repair the Generator first.

Horrorfield: Mod feature

Hack Map

In the mod version of Horrorfield, you will able to see the location of other players as well as Zombie by just clicking on the red eye and green eye icons.


The language in this game is limited you can't set the game in your native language. But when you Play the game you just forget about the language.

I just love this horror game and I'm sure you also love it. And I highly recommend you download it if you never played.

Download the Horrorfield Mod Apk v1.2.10 for Android (latest version)