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Dual Family Apk v2.5 (MOD) Download for Android

Dual Family Apk v2.5 (MOD) Download for Android

Dual Family Apk

Version v2.5
Size154 MB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 23-Jul-2018
Updated on 14-Mar-2021
Offered by Gumdrop Games

Android Windows Mac

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About Dual Family Apk

Do you want to Download the Dual Family apk for your Android device?

Just like other games like Kelly's Family, Dual Family is an amazing game with a fantastic story.

If you searching for a role-playing game then this game would be best for you not because of the storyline of this game but also because this game allows you to choose whether you want to play a role of a son or a father.

This means now you can enjoy two stories in one game, once you finish the first story then you can jump to another story.

The best thing about the game is the graphics look so real just like the game we previously published on our site which is Confined with Goddesses.

The Storyline of Dual Family Apk

If you choose to play the role of the father then you going to see that your daughter in this game going to fall in love with you and the relationship continue if you want to know what going to happen in the feature then you can download the dual family apk and know the upcoming stories for free.

On the other hand, if you choose to play the role of the son then you notice the story is completely changed because in the second story the son which are you in this game, will fall in love with his mother, and just like previously the relationship continues,

To know what happens in the feature with the son and mother relationship then you should download this game, You can download it from our website for free.

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Feature of Dual Family Apk

In this section, I'm going to talk about some of the amazing features of this game which is super great I think you should know about all these features and also sure you going to like this feature as well.

New Stories

In the latest version of the Dual family apk for Android, the developer has added two new different stories with all-new graphics.

After downloading the game you will get two options whether you want to play the role of a father or son, It doesn't matter which characters you are choosing because both of them are great.

As I mentioned before by downloading this game you will able to enjoy two stories in one place, which means if you complete the first story which are the Father and Daughter then after that, you can replay the game but in a different story which is Son and Mother.

Both of the stories are super amazing and I'm also sure you going to like it as well.

High Graphics

After the new update of this dual family, you can play the game in high graphics on any Android mobile just enable the HD graphic option from the setting that's it you will able to enjoy the game in super quality.

You can feel that the game graphic and the quality is very low before the update but now the developer has improved a lot of things in this game.

They have also focused on minor details which make the game more enjoyable for gamers, you can also download other Role-Playing or Visual Novels Games.

The best thing about this feature is that you don't need a high specs Android mobile, because you can enable the high graphics even on your low specs Android mobile.

Bug Fixed

If you have played this game before then you know that there are lots of bugs inside the game, but now you can play the game without any lag or freeze issues.

After downloading the latest version of the dual family apk for Android you will see that the game is running so smoothly and without any issues.

Some minor bugs are also fixed by the developer and also they optimize the game for many new mobiles.

Easter Egg Added

While playing the game you can find so many Easter eggs that have been added by the developer of the game,

If you're playing this game for a while you probably find them easily, But if you are downloading the Dual Family apk for the first time then it could be a little difficult to find them,

But don't worry as you continue playing the game you will find all hidden easter eggs one by one.

As you know easter egg makes the game more interesting, and many game developers prefer to add them.

Ads Removed

If you hate ads while playing the game just like me then your problem going to solve now because all the advertisements have been removed from the game, which is beneficial while playing the game because ads slow down your gaming performance and also you face lag and bugs issues.

After removing the ads from the game you can feel that the gaming performance has improved and also now you can play the dual family without any disturbance and also without any ads.

Game Requirement

Specs Minimum Recommended
Space 200 MB 300 MB
Processor Mali, Adreno,
Mali, Adreno,
Android 5.0+ 8.0+

Can I Play the Dual Family game Offline?

Once you download the game you can play the game without any internet connection, which means you can play the dual family game offline.

What is the Total Size of Dual Family Apk Android?

The total size of this game is 154 MB which means you need a minimum of 200 MB of free space in your Android mobile to run this game smoothly and without any issues.

You can check the game requirement table above the post to know the minimum requirement of this game.

Where can I download the Dual Family Apk?

There are tons of websites available on the internet from where you can download this game, but if you want to download this game without any problem or with just one click then you can visit our site and download it from our website.

How to Install Dual Family Apk?

The installation process is so simple you just need to follow the given steps below:
  • First, download the game by clicking on Download Button.
  • After successfully downloading install it.
  • Make sure you have allowed third-party applications option.
  • After successfully installing open the games.
  • TA-DA, Now you can play the game.

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