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Solvalley School [v1.6.0 + Compressed] (TK8000) Download

Solvalley School [v1.6.0 + Compressed] (TK8000) Download

Solvalley School game

Version v1.6.0
Size4.9 GB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 01-May-2020
Updated on 18-Dec-2021
Offered by TK 8000

About Solvalley School

Want to download the latest version of the Solvalley School role-playing game for Android, Windows, and Mac?

Solvalley School is a visual novel game developed by TK 8000 and the game is based on a schoolboy and his school classmates, the main character of the Solvalley School game is Alex has a crush on a girl who studies in the same school as junior Alex and her name is Lucy.

The player going to play the role of the Axel character in the game and can experience all the stuff that happens to him in the school.

Players will have choices and the option to control all the things in the game, and that's the reason most users love to play this game,

The Solvalley school game is currently available for all the devices, like Android, Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux, the latest version available for all devices is v1.6.0,

Soon the developer of this game will release a new update that will contain so many new stories, characters, locations, animations, and many other things.

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The Storyline of the Solvalley School

In the beginning, the player will see that Alex is sleeping on a bed and his friends call him to get ready for school, after getting ready Alex and his friend go to the school,

Later Alex notice that in a classroom he saw his crush and her name is Lucy with her friend, Lucy, and her friend working on a project, and Alex and his friend staring at both of them.

The next day Lucy comes to Alex and tells him she can help him with his Math by providing private tuition, But she will charge $250,

Alex accepts the deal and the next day they both start studying together at Alex's house and very soon they become friends,

The game has so many interesting missions, all are connected to a storyline, and if you like the short story mentioned above then you going to love to play the game.

In the FAQ section of this post, I have mentioned the complete process to download and install the game on an Android device, you can download and play the game by following some simple steps.

Features of Solvalley School

While making the game team TK 8000 has added so many amazing features to the Solvalley School game, and most of the users don't know about all these features,

If you do not want to miss out on so much extra amazing content then make sure to read the next section.

Latest version with new content

The new version contains so many new characters, new stories, locations, and much more content than all the previous versions,

So if you still playing the old version of the Solvalley School game then do make sure to update your game otherwise you cannot able to use the next features mentioned below.

Cheats are Enabled for all Devices

Once the user downloaded the latest version they can be able to access all the cheats available on this game.

Using these cheats they can update new game levels, game items, characters, and much more things, 

To know about all the cheats code users can download the walkthrough file from this post and start using all the cheats to make the gameplay experience to the next level.

Compressed version for Windows users

So many users have to play the game but because of the big game files they won't be able to download the game or don't have enough free storage on their device,

To fix this issue there are so many fans who compressed the game files and convert the 4.5 GB file to 1.5 GB and because of this, any player can download the game files using just 1.5 GB of internet.

The best thing about this compressed version is that it will help the user to save storage on their device,

Solvalley School Gallary MOD

The game comes with so many MOD features and one of the most popular ones is gallery mod, using this gallery mod users can unlock the gallery and add so much extra content to their game without any extra effect.

The file mod file is just 22 KB which is less than 1 MB, so the user does not require so many internet connections for downloading and installing the game.

Solvalley School FAQs

How to download the Solvalley School game?

To download the game files for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices you can follow the steps mentioned below,

Follow the steps to download Solvalley School

  • Click on the download button according to your device.
  • Now wait while the download link is generated,
  • Once the download link is generated click on it.
  • The game files start downloading now.
  • After a few minutes, you can access the file in your file manager.

How to Run on Solvalley School Game?
After downloading the game on your favorite device, it is now time for the installation process, the installation process is quite simple, and to install the game you just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Follow the steps to install the Solvalley School game on Android

  • Open the file manager app, and now look for the downloaded game file.
  • Now click on the game apk file then click on the install button.
  • Wait while the game is installed on your device.
  • After some time the game will install.
  • You can now open and play the game.

Follow the steps to install the Solvalley School game on Windows

  • Open the file manager app on your Windows device.
  • Search for the downloaded game files on your device.
  • Now extract the game file, then open the extracted file.
  • Double-click on the Solvalley School.exe file to start.
  • Now the starts which means you can play the game.

What is the latest version of Solvalley School?

The latest version of these games is v1.6.0 which is recently released by the game device on their Patreon page, If you're a Patreon member then you can download the game and start playing, otherwise, you can download the game files from our site for free of cost.

What is the Minimum requirement of Solvalley School?

If you want to play the game smoothly and without any frame-drop issues then make sure your device is compatible with the minimum requirement mentioned below.

The minimum requirement for Android users:

  • Android version: 8.0 or more
  • Free Storage: 2 GB
  • RAM: 2 GB

The minimum requirement for Windows/Mac/Linux users:

Windows: 10, 11
Mac: 10.10 (Yosemite)
Linux: Any Latest version
Storage: 5 GB

Can I Play Solvalley School without an Internet connection?

Solvalley School game is an offline game and it does not require any kind of internet connection to play, after completing the download and installation process you can play the game without any problem.

If you love to play role-playing games then this is one of the best games, I highly recommend you download and play the game on your device,

I hope that this post helps you to download and run the Solvalley School game, there are so many similar games like Depraved Awakening or Bad Bobby Saga.

For knowing the latest updates on this game or any others, follow us on our Facebook page, for downloading and installation tutorial process subscribe to us on our YouTube channel.

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