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Camp Pinewood 2 (v1.1 + MOD) Download [All Device]

Camp Pinewood 2 (v1.1 + MOD) Download [All Device]

camp pinewood 2

Version v1.1
Size230 MB
Downloads 1M+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 02-May-2020
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About Camp Pinewood 2

Want to download the Camp Pinewood 2 MOD version for Android and other devices?

Camp Pinewood 2 is a continued first version of part one and if you played the previous version then you going to love the storyline of part 2.

The storyline of the game is based on a young boy and players going to play the game of the young boy just like other role-playing games.

One day the main character was found on a road by a doctor named "Steinmann", Steinmann was going back to his home with his fashing, and luckily he found the boy, the main character, the role which is played and controlled by you.

The doctor take the boy with him to his house, then gave him some medicine and food so that can he can recover quickly.

After a few hours later the boy woke up and found himself at the doctor's house, the doctor explain to him the story about how he carried him from the road and give him treatment and food.

Doctor Steinmann also explains how dangerous it is to stay in the Pinewood camp because earlier so many people died and disappeared.

After some time the boy leaves the doctor's house and goes to the camp Pinewood, but on his way, he houses a destroyed robot, he was not able to fix the robot so he moves on.

In front of the Pinewood camp, he saw a girl whose name is Hana, Hana work in the camp as a mechanic, and they both start talking about the camp situation and later the boy leaves.

In the camp, there were so many people living, and the main character knows very few of them, he also saw two of his old friend Francine and Frankie, and he was very happy to meet them again,

The girls tell him about the bad situation of the pinewood camp and discuss so many other things,

Later the main character found his house in camp pinewood, also it was late at night so he decide to go to sleep.

On the first day of Camp Pinewood 2, game players will get to know about the game controls, locations, some interesting characters, and some other features, from day 2 players will be able to complete wonderful missions which are developed by the game developer.

What is the Camp Pinewood 2 Game?

Camp Pinewood 2 is the continued version of part one of the camp pinewood game, where players going to play a role of a young boy who lives in a mysterious camp called Pinewood,

In the game, players will get so many missions to complete, and some of them will be easy on the other hand some missions will test your mental strength to complete the mission.

Who is the Developer of Camp Pinewood 2 Game?

VAULTMAN created the game called Camp Pinewood and Camp Pinewood 2, the game is officially available on the Vaultman page of Patreon, so the user can become a Patreon of Vaultman and download the latest version of the game for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

What is the Latest Version of the Camp Pinewood 2 game?

On May 03, 2022, the developer released a new version of the game which is Camp Pinewood 2 version 1.1, In this version the developer didn't make any major changes, the update only contains some new animations and bug fixes, From our site you can download the current version for free.

Camp Pinewood 2 Minimum Requirement

To play the game on all the devices without any issue make sure the device you currently playing the game on is compatible with the minimum requirement I have mentioned below.

Minimum Requirement for Android

  • Storage: 250 MB
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Processor: snapdragon 680 or More

The minimum requirement for Windows/Mac

  • Storage: 250 MB
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Processor: Intel i3 10th Gen or More

Camp Pinewood 2 FAQs

For all the most asked question solutions check out the below section, we have mentioned the solutions for the most asked questions.

Is Camp Pinewood 2 Free to Download?

The developer of this game for free to download and play which means users can download the game files and play the game, but there is a small requirement and that is the user needs to subscribe to the minimum Patreon membership which is $1/Month.

If you do not want to pay $1 every month and still want to access the latest version of this game then just bookmark this page so that when the latest version is released can download it from this page.

What is the Camp Pinewood 2 MOD?

The MOD version is similar to the normal game the only difference between the official version and the MOD version is that you can access extra content, and unlimited money in the mod version, if you love to try new things then I highly recommend you to download the mod version from our site.

What is the Total Game Size of Camp Pinewood 2?

The total game size is the same for all the devices which means for all the devices this game required the same storage to run, the game has a total of 250 MB of free storage to run the game smoothly and without any issues.

Can I run Camp Pinewood 2 on Android?

The good thing about this game is that the developer has created the for multiple devices which means this game also can be run on an Android device without any issue, just download the game apk and install the game and start playing the game.

So are so many other games that you can run on your Android device like Waifu Hub, Sisterly Lust, or Milfy City.

Hope our today's post helps you to download the latest version of the camp pinewood 2 game files for free of cost, if you like this game then make sure to share this post with your friends so that they can also enjoy the game,

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