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Halfway House [Episodes  1-10] (Az) All Device

Halfway House [Episodes 1-10] (Az) All Device

halfway house

Version v0.3.28.0
Size1.5 GB
Downloads 10M+
Released on 02-Jun-2009
Updated on 25-Oct-2021
Offered by Majalis

About Halfway House

Do you want to Download halfway house Games for your Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android devices?

Halfway House is a game based on a young kid who has been sent to a special jail for young people called juvenile detention when he age was only just fifteen after spending four years in juvenile detention now his family going to be released,

But the authority of juvenile detention sends him to a place called a halfway house where he will be learning about how to deal with people in the real world.

In Halfway House the young kid (main character) finds some good people who help him in so many situations.

Halfway House is located in a remote area far away from the city, which some people might consider the middle of nowhere.

The purpose of this place is to help you learn how to be an adult because when you were put in jail, you were only 15 years old. In juvenile detention, they didn't really teach you anything about dealing with the outside world.

So you're feeling a bit unlucky because you're being moved from one not-so-great place to another. Outside, your probation officer, who is responsible for making sure you follow the rules, is waiting to drive you to your new home. You're wondering if the new place is going to be as bad as you imagine.

Well, you have to give it a try and see for yourself. Alternatively, you can keep reading this post to get an idea of what to expect at the halfway house.

Now everything is in your hand, either you can make things right or make it even worst, in the game, you will have to choose from multiple options to perform your next move in the game.

As you can see from the screenshots mentioned on this page there graphics quality is very good and the developer has done hard work to show all the small details in the game.

There are so many episodes available in the game and you can unlock the next episodes by completing your current episode successfully.

The latest version of the Halfway House game that comes with episode 9 is now available to download from our site for any of your device types.

Halfway House Conclusion

The storyline of the game is unique and comes with a different concept than any other game available on the internet,

You may also enjoy the quality of the game graphics as all the small details added by the game developer look so realistic.

I hope this post helps you to download the latest version of Halfway House game for all of your device types, you can download similar games such as 

If you like this game then make sure to share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy the amazing storyline of this game.

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