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Angry Birds Friends MOD Apk v11.17.1 [Download]

Angry Birds Friends MOD Apk v11.17.1 [Download]

angry bird friends mod apk

Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 97 MB
Version v11.17.1

Now access all the game items for free with every level unlocked in Angry Birds Friends using MOD Apk.

Angry Birds Friends is a popular mobile and social game in the "Angry Birds" franchise developed by Rovio Entertainment.

Angry Birds Friends game screenshot

It was first released in February 2012 for Facebook and later made its way to mobile platforms. The game is based on the original "Angry Birds" concept of launching birds at structures to knock down pigs,

but it introduces a competitive and social element by allowing players to compete against their friends and other players around the world.

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Angry Birds Friends MOD Features

Here are some key features and aspects of this game:

Access Everything Free

Now you didn't have to pay or purchase to access anything in this game because the MOD version allows you to get all the game items for free of cost.

Angry Birds Friends game screenshot 2

If you want to use any game elements then you may have to purchase them with real money or need to have sufficient points/coins in the game, in some cases you may also required to have a subscription.

But now you can use all the game items for free of cost without paying for it.

All Levels Unlocked

In the normal game, you may know that all the game levels are locked at first and you can unlock it by playing the missions one by one,

What if I were to inform you that you can now access all the missions without the need to complete them? In other words, if you wish to play the 100th mission without having to complete the missions that precede it, you can achieve this using the MOD version.

Social Competition

Angry Birds Friends allows players to connect with their Facebook friends and compete against them in weekly tournaments. Each tournament consists of a series of levels, and players can compete for high scores and bragging rights.

Weekly Tournaments

The game offers themed tournaments with new levels every week. These tournaments often feature unique challenges and power-ups to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.


Players can use various power-ups to enhance their birds' abilities and improve their scores. These power-ups can be earned or purchased within the game.


The game features global and local leaderboards, allowing players to see how their scores compare to friends and other players from around the world.


Players can earn rewards and achievements for completing levels and performing well in tournaments. These rewards can be used to unlock new content or power-ups.

Seasonal Events

Angry Birds Friends often hosts seasonal events and promotions, introducing new levels and challenges based on holidays or other themes.

In-App Purchases

Like many free-to-play mobile games, "Angry Birds Friends" offers in-app purchases for power-ups and other virtual items. These purchases are optional and not required to progress in the game.

The game's competitive and social nature makes it a fun and engaging experience for fans of the "Angry Birds" series who enjoy competing against their friends and striving for high scores.

It has maintained a dedicated player base over the years and continues to receive updates and new content to keep players entertained.

Is Angry Birds Friends MOD an Offline Game?

This game is entirely offline, allowing you to disconnect from the internet throughout your entire gaming session.


Angry Birds Friends enjoys immense popularity, with millions of players from around the world engaging in daily gameplay. The mod features significantly enhance the gaming experience, making it highly advisable to acquire the latest version of this game for your Android smartphone.

Hope you're enjoying the Angry Birds Friends MOD Game, if you do then make sure to share this post with your friends so that they can also play this game.

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