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Spotify Premium Apk v8.8.80.599 [Premium Unlocked]

Spotify Premium Apk v8.8.80.599 [Premium Unlocked]

spotify premium apk

Publisher Spotify AB
Size 86 MB
Version v8.8.80.599

Now access all the premium features of the Spotify Premium Apk? In this post, I have mentioned how you can do it.

Spotify is a highly popular music streaming service that offers both a mobile app and a desktop application.

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Earlier I added YouTube Music App which also offers music streaming services,

But there are so many users who love to use the Spotify app because of music suggestions, this platform also has a premium membership to which you can subscribe and access additional features.

For those who want to use Premium services, they can use the Spotify premium apk (mod version) for free of cost.

Spotify Premium Apk Features

To know about all the premium services you can check out the below section.

Vast Music Library

Spotify provides access to an immense catalog of songs, albums, and playlists, covering a wide range of music genres from around the world. It includes music from both major and independent artists.

Personalized Playlists

One of Spotify's standout features is its personalized playlists, such as "Discover Weekly" and "Release Radar." These playlists are generated based on a user's listening history and preferences, helping users discover new music.

Playlists and Customization

Users can create and curate their own playlists, making it easy to organize and save favorite songs. Spotify also allows users to customize playlists with cover images and descriptions.

Offline Listening

Spotify Premium subscribers can download music for offline listening, which is useful when users want to enjoy music without an internet connection.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Spotify is available on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and web browsers. It offers a seamless experience across different devices, and users can switch between them easily.

Collaborative Playlists

Spotify allows users to create collaborative playlists with friends. Multiple users can contribute to the same playlist, making it a great choice for shared music experiences.

Radio and Podcasts

In addition to music, Spotify offers a wide selection of podcasts and radio shows, making it a versatile app for audio content.

Social Features

Users can follow friends, artists, and influencers on Spotify to see their playlists and music activity. Sharing music with others is an integral part of the platform.

Spotify Connect

Spotify Premium users can use Spotify Connect to play music on compatible devices, such as smart speakers, TVs, and gaming consoles, providing a seamless listening experience.

Free and Premium Tiers

Spotify offers both a free, ad-supported tier and a premium subscription. Premium subscribers enjoy an ad-free experience, offline downloads, and higher sound quality.

Curated Playlists

Spotify curates playlists for different moods, occasions, and genres. Examples include "Mood Booster," "Workout," and "Chill."

Artist Pages

Users can explore artist pages to learn more about their favorite musicians, including their discography, biographies, and related artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium is a paid subscription service that offers an enhanced music streaming experience. It provides features like ad-free listening, unlimited skips, offline downloads, and higher sound quality.

How much does Spotify Premium cost?

The cost of Spotify Premium can vary by region and the specific plan you choose. Spotify offers individual, family, and student plans, with different pricing for each. Check the Spotify website or app for the most up-to-date pricing information in your area.

Can I try Spotify Premium for free?

Yes, Spotify often offers a free trial period for Spotify Premium. The length of the trial and the availability of this offer may vary, so check the Spotify website or app for the current trial options.

How do I upgrade to Spotify Premium?

You can upgrade to Spotify Premium by visiting the Spotify website or using the mobile app. Select the Premium option, choose your plan, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade process.

What are the benefits of Spotify Premium over the free version?

Spotify Premium offers several advantages, including ad-free listening, unlimited skips, the ability to select and play any specific track, offline downloads, higher sound quality, and the use of Spotify Connect to control playback on other devices.

Can I use Spotify Premium on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use your Spotify Premium account on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and compatible speakers. You can also use Spotify Connect to control playback on other devices.

Is there a Spotify Premium Family Plan?

Yes, Spotify offers a Family Plan for Premium, which allows multiple family members to have their own individual Premium accounts under a single subscription. This plan is cost-effective for households with multiple users.

Can I cancel my Spotify Premium Subscription at any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your Spotify Premium subscription at any time without any long-term commitments. Your Premium features will continue until the end of the current billing period.

How do I Download Music for offline listening with Spotify Premium?

To download music for offline listening, open the Spotify app, find the song, album, or playlist you want to download, and tap the download button (usually represented by a downward arrow). The downloaded content can be accessed in the "Downloads" section of your library.

Can I Switch back to the free version of Spotify if I cancel Premium?

Yes, you can switch back to the free version of Spotify at any time after canceling your Premium subscription. Your account will revert to Spotify Free with the limitations and features associated with that tier.

I highly recommend you start using this application if you looking for an alternative to YouTube Music App, to get access to the latest version in the future I recommend you to bookmark this page.

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