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Student Union Game [Visual Novel Village] Android | PC

Student Union Game [Visual Novel Village] Android | PC

Student Union Game

Publisher Visual Novel Village
Size 636 MB
Version v105

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Student Union Game is based on the story of high school friends who reunited after so many years later, 

Student Union Game

This game follows the story of a high school student named Lane who is in a dire situation and needs to find work quickly.

The story kicks off with Lane seeking help from the school's faculty, particularly the assistant principal, Mr. Underwood.

Lane is given a unique opportunity to form and lead a student organization dedicated to supporting and maintaining the school.

However, Lane must recruit at least four other students to join this group within a tight deadline.

As the story progresses, Lane discovers that the school's administration hides a more sinister side and that there are hidden dangers within the school itself.

Student Union Game

The group he's forming becomes more crucial than he initially realized. The game presents players with choices that guide Lane through this dark drama and potential romance, as well as the challenges and dangers that arise as the story unfolds.

There are two different versions of this game available,

  • Demo Version with limited gameplay content.
  • Full version with complete gameplay access.

The game's demo allows players to experience the initial ~2 hours of the game, depending on their choices,

It serves as an introduction to the major branching paths and provides a glimpse into the narrative and themes of the full game.

To unlock the full game content you need to buy the game first from the official website of itch, But you want to play this game for free then you ca download the game files from this page for free of cost.

Student Union Game Features

Extensive Gameplay

The full game is expected to offer over 40 hours of gameplay, providing players with a deep and immersive experience.

For visual story lovers, this game is a perfect choice because of the long storyline content available in the game.

Character Routes

Players will have the opportunity to explore 5-7 character routes, each offering a different perspective and storyline within the game.

Multiple Endings

The game will have over 10 endings influenced by player choices, as well as one hidden ending, adding to its replayability.

Because of the multiple-ending feature you be able to play this game multiple times, and each time you will experience some unique content.

Visual and Musical Elements

The game includes over 30 backgrounds and over 50 illustrations, each with various lighting and contextual variations. The soundtrack features over 50 original tracks, adding depth to the game's atmosphere.

Content Disclaimer

The game is intended for a mature audience and includes elements such as strong language, tobacco use, and graphical/textual depictions of violence.

Player discretion is advised, and the game's content is not suitable for all ages.


This game is a dark and dramatic visual novel with strong storytelling elements, choices that impact the narrative, and potential romantic themes.

It combines an intriguing plot with an extensive cast of characters, artwork, and a soundtrack to create an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

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