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Carnal Instinct Game v5 [BETA] Latest Download | PC

Carnal Instinct Game v5 [BETA] Latest Download | PC

carnal instinct

Publisher Team Carnal Instinct
Size 3.66 GB
Version v5

Want to get the Carnal Instinct game's latest file for your Android Smartphone, Windows PC, and Apple Mac? If yes then keep reading the post.

There are so many visual novel games and each of them has been developed and published by a unique developer,

carnal instinct game

Because of this, you can find games on almost every storyline where you want to play a visual novel game about a Young School Boy then, the Summertime saga, Milfy City, Being a Dik is a great option.

On the other hand, if you looking for a game that includes a storyline of a guy then Waifu Academy, Waifu Hub, or FILF is a perfect option.

But if you looking for a real game that offers a unique storyline then Carnal Instinct is the one you must play,

In the game, you will be playing the role of the ancient gods which travel to the world of Sabu, where you can interact with the Human, Anthro, and Demi NPCs.

You also have the option to perform various tasks with the human, Anthro, and Demi NPCs, build relationships, interact while playing a mission, and much more.

Carnal Instinct game offers a lot of different elements in the game which makes the experience of the gameplay more engaging and playful.

Currently, there are only Windows and Apple version of this game available which you can download and install and starts playing the game.

There are so many platforms from where you can download the game such as Stream, Patreon, SubscribeStar, and The Humble Store by paying the fees to support the developer.

But if you want to access the latest games file of the Carnal Instinct game then you can download the game files from this post for free of cost.

Features of the Carnal Instinct Game

Play as Ancient Gods

If you want to get the experience of becoming the Ancient God then this is the game you must check out,

The characters players going to play look similar to the Anubis (Egyptian gods) he has so many different types of powers that you can use while playing the game.

Interact with Human, Anthro, and Demi NPCs

There are so many different types of AI characters available in the game and you can spend time with them, play missions together, and perform many entertaining tasks together in the future more engaging elements are planned to be added to the game by the developer of the Carnal Instinct.

Human, Anthro, and Demi NPCs and three different types of AI characters with whom you can interact, some of them are male and some of them are female.

Frequently Update with New Content

Team Carnal Instinct works consistently to release new updates of this game every month so that players can enjoy the game frequently without getting bored with the same gameplay content.

I recommend you bookmark this page to get the update of this game for free of cost,

The Unique Storyline of the Sabu A slave

Right now there is no game that offers this kind of unique storyline and concert of the characters available in the Carnal Instinct game.

If you really like to play different visual novel games that offer unique storylines then you must download Carnal Instinct once.

Use the download links available in the post to download the game's latest files for your device for free of cost.

Minimum Game Requirement

How to Download Carnal Instinct Game?

Downloading the game files of this game is one of the easiest tasks and you can follow the steps mentioned below to get the game files from this game for free of cost.

1. Click on the download button available on this page.

2. Wait on the next page while your game files are generating.

3. Once the game file is generated click on it.

4. Now the latest file starts downloading on your device.

How to Run the Carnal Instinct Game?

The play the game on your Windows PC or on an Apple Mac you need to get access to the game files, once you have the file you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Installation steps for Windows

1. Unzip the downloaded game files on your Windows PC.

2. Open the extracted game file and look for the .exe file.

3. Double-click on the game .exe file to start the game.

4. After the game is loaded you can start playing the game.

Installation steps for Mac

1. Unzip the game file by double-clicking on it.

2. Open the extracted file and look for the game file.

3. Double-click on the game file to start the game.

4. Now you can start playing the game.

How Big is the Carnal Instinct Game?

This is an amazing game that offers great graphics quality, voice-acted characters, a unique storyline of the ancient gods, and much more.

Now you know the complete process of downloading and installing the game on your Windows PC and Apple Mac, share this post with your friends who like role-playing visual novel games.

Consider bookmarking this page to get the latest game file updates in the future.

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