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GTA San Andreas Apk + Data + MOD v2.0 Download

GTA San Andreas Apk + Data + MOD v2.0 Download

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Version v2.00
Size2061 GB
Downloads 100M+
Released on 19-Dec-2013
Updated on 13-Apr-2019
Offered by Rockstar Games

What's New

  • New Mission Added
  • New Weapons Added
  • Easter Egg Added
  • Latest Version (v2.0)
  • Cheats Enabled
  • General bug fixes fixed

About Game GTA San Andreas Apk

Do you want to download GTA San Andreas apk data with unlimited money latest version for your Android device?

As you know that GTA San Andreas is one of the amazing open-world games for Android devices that is developed by Rockstar Games.

The main character of this app is named Carl Johnson, he lives in a city called Los Santos which is located in San Andreas.

Five years later he is back in the city but when he arrives at his house, he gets to know that his mother has been murdered, and now he wants to know who murdered his mother.

All the missions of this game are amazing and full of action and thrill, This is an open world that means you can do so many things also the games have different kinds of Cars and Bikes which you can use to visit different kinds of locations in this game.

If you are looking for an open-world game where you can do a lot of crazy things and also if you want to use many types of MODs then I would highly recommend you to download the game for your Android.

How many Missions are in GTA San Andreas?

The game has a total of 105 missions for both Android and Windows, even in gaming consoles like PlayStation and XBOX all missions are the same, some missions are shorter, and it's not important to complete them, even if you ignore this small mission you can still continue to play the big mission.

Can I Play this Game on a 1 GB RAM Android device?

You can play this game even on an Android device with 1 GB of RAM but if cannot experience the high resolution while playing the game,

Follow the steps to play this game on a 1 GB RAM device:
  • Open the game then click on 'Options'.
  • Now click on the 'Display Setup' option.
  • Decrease the brightness to 50%.
  • And set the 'Resolution' & 'Draw Distance' to 30%.
  • Now set the 'Visual Effects' & 'Car Reflections' to Low.
  • Then turn off the Shadows option.

Note: If you still facing lag issues while playing the game then make sure to set all the settings to low and then restart the game.

Features of GTA San Andreas Apk Data

It can be very time-consuming if I talk about all the features of this game, to make it quick I have mentioned some of the most useful and amazing features of this game below this section,

If you want to enjoy the game and take it to the next level, then be sure to check out the section below to know the best features of this game.

Cleo Cheats Added

If you ever play GTA SA on your Android device then you may know that you can use Cleo cheats, This is one of the best cheats for this game and you just need to swipe from up to down to activate the cheats will active.

The official app doesn't have the Cleo cheat inbuild but on the other hand, if you downloaded this game from our site then you can access the Cleo cheats without any problem.

If you have downloaded the Apk from another website, be sure to replace the APK after downloading the APK from our website.

All the Mission Unlocked

Some missions are difficult to complete, but now you do not need to complete them manually as all the missions are now unlocked which means that if you are unable to complete some missions then you can move on to the next mission.

In some cases, if you complete half of the missions of this game and now you want to continue from where you leave then you can do that by downloading the Apk Data from our site.

New Cars and Biked Added

Now you can ride new cars and bikes as the latest version comes with brand new sports cars and sportbikes, All the cars and bikes only come with the latest version of GTA San Andreas.  

Also, some other kinds of cars and bikes also been added so if you are bored with using old cars and bikes then now it's time to update your old GTA San Andreas app by downloading the updated version from our site it from our site.

If you also use the cheats option to get the latest cars and bikes in some cases if you're unable to find cars and bikes on road.

New Easter Egg Added

In the latest version, the Rockstar Games has added lots of new Easter eggs in different kinds of locations in the game.

As you know Easter Egg makes the game more interesting and a player loves to find different kinds of Easter eggs so if you download the latest version of this game for your Android device then you can start finding them.

One of my favorite Easter eggs is changing moon size, When you shoot the moon with a Sniper Rifle will change its size, If you do not know about this Easter egg then make sure to try it yourself after downloading the game.

Add Custom MODs

Now you can install your custom-made cars, bikes, weapons, and more things, All these MODs you can download from GTAinside.com and it is 100% free to download any kind of MODs from this site.

Most of the GTA San Andreas apk doesn't support custom mods but the apk we are sharing today in this post supports all kinds of mods and you can add unlimited mods without any issue.

Lag and Frame Drop fixed

The best thing about the latest version of this game is that it doesn't lag and also the frame drop issue has been solved.

Even if you play the game on any low-end Android device, you can enjoy the game easily,

But in any case, if you are facing problems, just go to your game settings And set all graphics settings to Medium or Low, and replay the game and this time you will see that the game is working super smoothly even on low-Android devices.

Game Requirements

Specs Minimum Recommended
Space 3 GB 4 MB
Processor Mali, Adreno,
Mali, Adreno,
Android 5.0+ 8.0+

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download GTA San Andreas Apk Data on Android?

You can easily download the game apk and data on your Android for free by following the steps mentioned in the below post.

You can just click on the download buttons on the top of these posts or just follow the steps which I have mentioned below in this section.
  • Click on the Direct Download button.
  • On the next page wait while your Download link is generated.
  • After generating the link click on it.
  • Now, wait for seven seconds.
  • After seven seconds click on the download button and your app will start downloading.
  • Now repeat the same steps to download the Obb file.

How to Install GTA San Andreas Apk Data?

If you successfully downloaded the apk and Obb file then now it's time to install and run the game on your Android device.

If you are facing any issues while installing the game, be sure to follow the steps that I mentioned below in this post.
  • Search for the downloaded App and Obb file in your file manager.
  • Click on the app then click on the install option.
  • Wait while your app is installed.
  • After completing the installation process open the Obb file.
  • Move the Obb file to your Internal Storage>Android>Obb move here.
  • Now you are all done, Open the game and enjoy.

How to Fix the Lag Problem in GTA San Andreas Android?

Many people face lag or low frame drop issues while playing GTA San Andreas on their Android device, this is a common issue that only occurs when you run the game on a low-end Android Device,

But don't worry because you can fix this problem by following some of the simple steps.

To fix the problem of lag or frame drop, you need to go to Settings then go to Graphics Options then set all settings to Medium or Low in Graphics Options. After completing these steps reopen the game. And you will see that now the game is running smoothly without any problems.

How to Install Cleo Cheats in GTA San Andreas Android?

Cleo cheat is one of the best cheats for GTA San Andreas because it doesn't require any kind of third-party app and also you don't need to type the cheat code manually to use the cheats on your game.

You just need to place the cheat file once on your game data and now it is possible that you can use the cheat unlimited time without any problem.
  • Click on the Download Cleo Cheats button to download the cheat file.
  • Now Extract the compressed file using any file manager.
  • Open the file and select all the scripts and click on the move/cut option.
  • Now move the script to Internal Storage>Android>Data>com. Rockstar games. guasa move here.
  • Open the game and swipe from the top to the bottom of your Android screen.
  • After activating the Cleo Cheats select any cleats you want to apply.

Can I Play GTA San Andreas without an Internet connection?

After downloading the game Apk data, you can play these games without an internet connection also you can complete all the missions of this game without an internet connection. Even you can play any game made by Rockstar Games and it does not require the Internet.

Can I download GTA San Andreas Apk Data for Free?

If you want to download the game from Google Play Store then you have to pay $6.99 on the other hand if you want to download the game for free then just follow the steps where I have mentioned how to download GTA San Andreas on Android for free.

How to download GTA SA Cleo MOD apk?

If you want to use Cleo Cheats in your GTA SA android game then you have to download Cleo Mod Apk because in a normal apk, you cannot use Cheats, But how can you download Cleo Mod Version? Well, it is that simple just follow the below steps where I have mentioned how to download Cleo Mod Apk for GTA SA.

Follow the steps to download GTA SA Cleo MOD apk:
  • Click the Direct Download button.
  • Wait until the download link is generated.
  • After generating the download button, click on it.
  • Now, wait seven seconds.
  • After seven seconds, click download.
  • Now the apk begins to download on your device.

I hope this post helps you to Download GTA San Andreas Apk Data on your Android device, You may also want to download Sisterly Lust Apk.

If you like this post then make sure to share it with your friends, You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel for the latest update.

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