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Being A DIK Apk v0.7.2 (MOD) Download [All Device]

Being A DIK Apk v0.7.2 (MOD) Download [All Device]

Being a DIK

Version v7.2
Size3.5 GB
Downloads 1M+
Released on 13-Feb-2020
Updated on 07-May-2021
Offered by Dr PinkCake

  1. being a dik game

What's New

  • MOD Added
  • Latest Version
  • New Story
  • Amazing Features

About Being a DIK

Do you want to download Being a DIK Apk for Android or Windows device?

If you love to play role-playing games, Just like Milfy CitySummertime Saga, or other games like this then I'm sure that you going to love this game as well.

One of the key features of this game is the graphics, Yes when you install this game on any device you see that the graphics of the game looks so real and amazing, whether you install it on your Android device or Windows PC on both of the devices that game looks awesome.

Also, the story of being a DIK game is different and so interesting, the developer has done the suspense part well because once you start playing the game it will be difficult for you to leave the game while playing.

Maybe some of the missions will be difficult for you so to complete the mission easily you can download Being a DIK Mod apk.

In the Mod version, there are so many extra features added which you cannot get in the normal version.

Features like Everything unlocked, Skip mission, and more have been added in the mod version of Being a DIK apk.

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Features of Being a DIK Apk

If you never play this game before then I highly recommend you to check out the below section where I have mentioned some of the amazing features of this game, All the features can help you to complete any mission quickly so do not forget to check out the section.

High Graphics

One thing I liked the most about this game is the graphics, it doesn't matter on which device you're installing the game you will always going to see high graphics.

This is one of the best role-playing game which comes with high-quality graphics even on the Android device.

As I said this game comes with high graphics which means you need a device with high or medium specs otherwise you will face a lot of frame drop and lag issue,

To get a smooth experience while gameplay make sure your device is comparable with the minimum requirements, Check the minimum requirement below.

Cheats Added

This is the modified version of the normal game and because of that now you can apply a different kind of cheats.

All these cheats can be used to unlock items, unlock next missions, skip missions and much more, But make sure you can access these features only if you downloaded the game from our site. 

The normal version of Being a DIK doesn't have the cheats feature but the Being a DIK mod apk has.

Skip Missions

As I said in the previous section there is a cheats option that you can use while playing the game, But do you know that you can skip missions use the same feature.

Yes, Now you can skip any mission that you don't want to play or if you're facing difficulties while playing the game.

Some of the missions are complicated and takes a long time to complete, so if you want to spend so much time on a single mission then you can skip it using these features.

Everything Unlocked

You may be like this feature a lot than the other features, this feature helps you to unlock all the items which are available on this game, which means from now on you do not need to spend a lot of time to find some item then complete a mission.

To unlock any item in the game you just need to click on the unlock all items option and then all the items will be unlocked without any problem.

If you do not want to unlock all the items and want to play the game without any cheats then just turn off the cheats and continue playing the game.

No Advertisement

As this is a paid game which means you will see no ads while playing the game, the developer has not a great job by not adding advertisements to this game.

But now the question is can you play this game for free? You do not need to purchase the game because we're providing this game for free.

You can follow the steps that we have mentioned below to download the game on any kind of device you're using for free.

You can also follow the installing process steps just below the downloading steps.

App Requirement

Specs Android Windows/Mac
Storage 3 GB 5 GB
Processer Mali, Adreno,
i3 10th Gen, i5 3th Gen, or More
Version 6.0+Windows 7, Windows 10/ MacOS Sierra

What is Being a DIK Game?

Being a DIK is an open-world role-playing video game where you can do things like real-world, If you are looking for a game where you can do anything just like in the real world even you can make girlfriends and hang out with them. This game is available on all devices, Android, Windows, Mac download now from our site.

How to Download Being a DIK Game for Free?

You can download this game from our site for free even you can use all the cheats and special features which you will not get in the normal version, To download the game click on the direct download button and the game will start downloading without any problem.
Follow the steps to download Being a DIK:
  • Click on the direct download button.
  • Wait for seven seconds while the downloading link is generating.
  • Now click on the button and wait for seven seconds.
  • After seven seconds click on the download button.
  • Now the game will start downloading without any problem.

How to Install Being a DIK Apk on Android?

The installation process is different on a different device, if you are on Android then just click on the app file then click on the install button and the game will start installing without any problem,

On the other hand, if you're on Windows or Mac then just Extract the download game file then double click on the game icon, and the game will start without any problem.

Follow the steps to install the game on Android:
  • Open file manager and Locate to the download folder.
  • Click on the game apk file, then click on install.
  • Wait while your app is installing.
  • Open the Game, now you can play the game for free.

Follow the steps to install the game on Windows/Mac:
  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Open the file and look for the Funkin application.
  • Double on the Funkin Application.
  • Now the game launch without any problem.

Can I Enable cheats in Being a DIK?

You can only enable cheats on the Being a DIK mod version which you can download from our site for free, The normal version doesn't contain any kind of cheats and special I highly recommend you to download the mod version.

Can I Play Being a DIK without Internet connection?

Once you downloaded the game you can game it even if you do not have an internet connection, But keep in mind you may be can not access some of the features because some option only works if you have an internet connection, You can this post where we have mentioned some of the amazing features of Being a DIK.

What is the Minimum Requirement of Being a DIK?

The game has some high-quality graphics that means you also need a device with high processing power otherwise you will face lag or low frame drop issues,

If you want to play this game smoothly and without any issue the make sure your device is compatible with the minimum requirements.

If you are using an Android device to play this game then make sure your device should have a minimum of 2 GB RAM and 3 GB free storage.

And if you're using Windows PC or MAC then make sure the device has a minimum of 4 GB RAM and 5 GB free storage.

I hope this post helps you to download Being a DIK apk the latest version for your Android, Windows, and other devices, You may also want to download Dual Family Apk.

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