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FoxFi Key (Supports PdaNet) v1.04 for Android FREE

FoxFi Key (Supports PdaNet) v1.04 for Android FREE

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 Version  1.04
 Size  57.53 KB
 Downloads  500K+
 Released on  12-Nov-2012
 Updated on  10-Jul-2017
 Offered by  FoxFi Software 

What's new
  • Latest Android systems cause "Checking for full version..." to run for 30 seconds. This is now fixed.

About this app

FoxFi Key - Today you can download foxfi key apk Premium version for free.

Unlock the full version of both FoxFi Key and PdaNet.
This app unlocks the full version of both FoxFi and PdaNet. Please install this key app from Play Store after purchasing. If you haven't installed PdaNet or FoxFi, please also do so from either Play Store or at
Please read the following agreement and refund policy below before purchasing the full version.

1. For most Android phones please install PdaNet instead of FoxFi. Only models with certain version of Androids can run FoxFi. Please see the list at for compatibility.

2. We do not provide any sort of warranties for our apps due to many things we can't control. Carriers may be finding ways to interfere unpaid tether usages, most commonly through system updates.

3. We have extended the refund period from Play Store's 15 minutes to 21 days. Please use the contact link in the order receipt email to request refunds. We won't be able to refund after 21 days, even if some features in PdaNet or FoxFi stop working due to causes we can't control.

After installing the full version key, both FoxFi and PdaNet should display "Full Version Unlocked" at the bottom and should no longer prompt you to purchase. If that is not happening please contact us. Rare issues in Play Store do happen from time to time. It could also be caused by problem with your Google account.

Also check

USB Mode

USB mode works on almost several Android device. It allows connection from Windows PC or Mac. PdaNet comes with "WiFi Share" option that can further turn the Windows PC into a WiFi Hotspot so that you can connect other devices to it and share your phone's Internet connection.

  • MetroPCS or T-Mobile users can only use USB mode with "Hide Tether Usage" option enabled in PdaNet. This will break Netflix however. 
  • If your phone is not recognized by your computer after connecting USB, please check
  • Please treat tablets, Windows (non RT) the same as Windows PC.


WiFi mode will work only be allowed on a short list of compatible devices.
IN GENERAL: Verizon phones no longer allow WiFi mode after Android 7.0. 
  • Verizon Samsung phones Galaxy S3/4/5/6/7/Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3/4/5, 
  • Verizon LG phones G2/G3/G4/G5 
  • Verizon Sony phones Z3 are supported by Android versions 6.1 or below. 
  • Verizon HTC phones (M7/8/DNA) will only work on Android 4.1 ~ 4.4. 
  • Verizon Motorola phones will only work on Android 4.3 or below. 
  • AT&T Samsung phones will only work on Android 4.2 or below. 
Other Phones/carriers will only work if they still have Android 4.0 or below.

Bluetooth Mode

Bluetooth mode allows connection from Android tablets, Windows PC (excludes Android 4.4) or devices that supports Bluetooth DUN.

A system bug in Android 4.4 for tablets device will break Bluetooth mode, this is fixed in Android 5.0 or above. For Tablets it is possible only the browser will work in Bluetooth mode.

That is because other apps may be looking for wifi or cell phone connection and not recognize the Bluetooth Internet. One way around the above two issues is to find a wifi hotspot to connect the tablet to at the same time (such wifi hotspot doesn't need to provide Internet access).

How to Install FoxFi Key Apk in Android device?

  • First, Download the game from our Website
  • Then Go to setting >> Security and Enable Unknown Sources and allow Third-party apps installing.
  • Now go back Downloaded apk and install the Game
  • Now Open FoxFi Key and Enjoy.

How to use FoxFi Key apk? (Video Tutorial)

What is the latest version of FoxFi Key?
  • Latest version: v1.04
You can download it from our website

FoxFi Key User Reviews

This app is a huge part of my android experience. It works to have unlimited tether from both my Verizon Lg G7 and my wifes MetroPCS Onleplus 6T. It works with our desktop(windows 10), our Surface(windows 10) my Toughbook(windows 7) two Android tablets, one on 9 and one on 8.1 and both of our Android head units, one on Android 6 and one on 8. I have ran over 400 GB through this app in a month on many ocassions, never have an issue. Only issue is with running USB tether and not having Win drivers

Ive purchase this app back in April of 2016. Its been my go to, when ever my other hotspot isn't working. But as of today, its asking me to unlock the full version. Google store says its unlocked, pc google store says its unlocked, but app says other wise. Ive asked the dev to send me my serial key so I can manually enter it. My fingers are crossed Dev is still around to help out. Otherwise its been a great app. 

Paid version is still limited, you will still get disconnected every 15-20mins, I recommend just sticking with the free version or you will just be getting ripped off. I have tried restarting and waiting neither work. EDIT: Company is very responsive gave me refunded and explained why the app wasn't working for my particularly device. overall the app is really useful and I might buy it again for a different device.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting any illegal or Pirate app we just help people who can't afford Premium Games and Apps, In legal ways. If you are a developer of this App and have any problem then please contact us