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God of War for Android Apk + Data (Mod) latest Version

God of War for Android Apk + Data (Mod) latest Version

God of war

Version v2.1
Size 1.02 GB
Downloads 1M+
Released on 08-Mar-2008
Updated on 22-Jul-2019
Offered by Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica Studio

About this Game

Do you want to download apk data for god of war Android?

This game was very popular since the game is released, still, now many gamers love the god of war.

If you have a Playstation then you can buy this game and play it in HD graphic and it looks super amazing and real.

After getting a high response from PC and Console games, some game developer decides to develop god of war for android so people who do not have PC they can also play this game without any problem.

Is this game is the same as the PC version? I know many people want to know that the god of war android version is the same as the PC version or not, So the answer is Yes. The game is 100% similar to PC.

The one I like the most about this game is you will get all the features whether it is power, cheats, how the story all these things will remain the same. That means you don't need to worry about all the action about this game.

Feature of God of War Android

The game has a lot of features same as the original game, for example, fighting mode, weasons, story, and much more.

but today I have shared some most popular and amazing with you, you can check them below and I'm sure you gonna like it.

High Graphic

The first feature I like the most is the graphic as you can see in the screenshot of how high the graphic the game has. by playing the gaming you feel like play the actual god of war just like playing on PC or console.

Some people may face a lag issue with the game and the game's sound but if you download the PPSSPP Gold on your android device the lag problem going to be fixed.

But before downloading the game make sure your android phone has at least 2 GB of ram to play the god of war for android without any issue. I also mention the minimum requirement for the god of war android, scroll down, and check the table given below.

Cheats Enabled

If you like to play games with cheats then you are in right place, Now you can download a simple cheats file for the God of War and use it in the game without any issue. But to use the cheat make sure to follow the below steps to implement the cheat file.

With the help of the cheat, you can unlock new powers and weapon in just a single tap, earlier we have to complete the levels manually to unlock the new amazing power, but by using the cheat file you can easily unlock any level, powers, and weapons. you can even skip and mission.

The process of implementing the cheat is very simple just follow the below steps and you can successfully implement the cheat, I have mentioned all the step by step points just follow it and enjoy the cheats.

New Powers

If you download god of war for android apk data latest version then you get all-new superpowers and weapons in the game without using any mods.

The old version doesn't have any power but the new latest version has brand new special features, special power, and special weapons.

The storyline of the Game

The best part of GOW is that you gonna see the storyline is the same as the PC version without missing any part or mission.

Some game does not support some part of the game but the god of war for android is the same as the original game you will not feel that you are playing the game in android.

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Characters in God of War

Name Description
Kratos The main protagonist of the game is Kratos finds himself on the verge of insanity, 6 months after the death of his wife and child, he breaks his blood vow with Ares. This betrayal prompted him to judge Furious.
The Furies The three sisters who come before the Titans and the gods are false formidable punishments for those who break their oaths. They are the main opponents of the game, chasing and torturing Kratos to bring Ares to light.
Orkos Guardian of oaths, he helps Kratos to break ties and defeat the sisters.
Aletheia Kratos is sent to Delphi to find the Oracle, who could help him in his quest for freedom.
Lysandra Kratos’ wife, appears for Kratos in visions during the match.
Calliope daughter of Kratos, she appears in visions to Kratos.
Archimedes historical mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor and astronomer who built the massive statue of Apollo on Delos.
The scribe of Hecatonchires the first mortal imprisoned by the Furies. He has kept records since his imprisonment, which Kratos finds around the prison.
Redeemed Warrior The warrior model used in multiplayer has a small cameo as a prisoner at the start of the game.

Can I play God of War in PPSSPP GOLD EMULATOR Android?

Of course, you can play GOW in the PPSSPP Gold android. Just like other PlayStation games, you can use PPSSPP EMULATOR on your android device to run the game God of War. The best thing about the PPSSPP gold is the emulator has a lot of settings and features.

You can even apply cheat in the game as I mentioned before. and if you want to save any of your game progress then you can even do this. after saving the God of War you can load the save data whenever you want.

How to Download God of War for Android apk Data?

To GOW on your android Device follow the given steps:
  • Click on the "Download ISO" button to download the iso file.
  • After on the download button wait for generating the download link.
  • Now the link generated click on the link and download the Game.
  • Now Download the PPSSPP Gold by linking to the "PPSSPP Gold" button.

Note: Make sure to wait until the link is generating.

How to Install God of War for Android?

After successfully download the game make sure to follow the below instruction to install your God of war game on your Android device without any problem:

1. First, Extract the zip file. (You can also use Zarchiver)
2. Now move the extracted file wherever you like to move. (make sure to not forget your file location)
3. Now open your PPSSPP Gold and find the game file.
4. After finding the game click on it.
5. TA-ZA, Now you can play GOW on your android device.

How to use Cheats in God of War Android?

1. First Download the "" file at the above link.
2. Now open your PPSSPP gold.
3. Go to the Settings>System>Enable cheats now tick the cheats option.
4. Now open Zarchiver and move the file to PSP>Cheats move here.
5. Open your God of War, and click the Back key and click on Cheats, and Tap on "Import from".
6. Again go to cheats go to settings and enable all the cheats.
7. All Done, now use the cheats to win the missions easily.

God of War Android Requirement?

To play GOW without any lag your device should compatible with the given requirement:

Required Minimum Recommended
Storage 1.5 GB 2 GB
Android 4.0 and up 6.0 and up
CPU Supported 1.2Ghz And more 1.5Ghz And more

What is the size of God of War Android Apk Data?

The full size of the god of war chains of Olympus is 1.1 GB only and the size of the Emulator is 13 MB which means the total size of the God of War apk Data is 1.1 GB.

If you download the game you will get a highly compressed file which means you can save a lot of data by download the game.

God Of War Android Gameplay

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