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XVideostudio Video Editor Apk 2022 Download for Android

XVideostudio Video Editor Apk 2022 Download for Android editor apk

Version v3.0
Size3.1 MB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 04-May-2020
Updated on 05-Jan-2022
Offered by Egor Terenkov

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About XVideostudio Video Editor Apk 2022

Do you want to download xvideostudio. video editor apk 2022 for your Android device?

First of all, I want to confirm that is not an adult video editor app this is just a simple video editor app that has been developed by an unknown app developer and because of that the app has no name,

So to avoid any copyright claims many users called this app x VideoStudio video editing app 2022 also this app is capable to edit HD video and that's why users include 'HD' words in the app.

The good thing about this app is that you will get all the premium features like Transition, Effects, Music, and much more for free Isn't it amazing?

This app works perfectly even on old and low specs Android devices which means you don't require a smartphone with high specification.

Why use this video editor app? There are tons of reasons to use this app but the amazing thing is that you don't have to pay any subscription to edit your video even though all the features and addons are free for all users, Ensure to check the features of this app which I have mentioned below.

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Features of Xvideostudio Video Editor Apk HD

As I mentioned before you can do a lot of things with your video using this without paying any subscription or hidden charge, So now I have mentioned some most useful features of this app you can check them below.

Easy Video Editing

If you are a beginner and don't know much about video editing then this xvideostudio video editor app is best for you, The developer of this app is mainly focused on simple navigation and User Interface which is beneficial for new users.

Even though it is so simple to navigate from one option to another this app mainly focuses on the simplicity of the User Interface.

Looking for a simple video editor app then this app would be best for you.

Professional Tools

When you subscribe to the video editor app you will get some extra presets tools, but in this video editor app you can use them all for free without paying any subscription, you can use lots of premium and useful tools which you can see in other video editor apps,

These tools can be helpful to create a fantastic video for your personal use or for social media.

The thing I like the most about xvideostudio video editor apk HD is you don't need a smartphone to use these premium tools, A android phone with 1 GB of RAM is enough.

As you know if you want to use high graphic tools to create the video then you really need a good smartphone but this app is totally different from other apps.

Edit HD Video

As we mentioned in the title of this post this is xvideostudio video editor apk HD which means you can edit High definition videos using this app and after completing the video you can export the video as well.

Many other apps need a pro subscription to edit and export High definition (HD) video but now you can do that free of cost without even paying any pro subscription.

This Editor also allows you to export 4K 2160p video at 30FPS which is super amazing because this feature is completely free for all users who have xvideostudio video editor apk HD on their smartphone.

Smooth User Interface

The app comes with lots of features, tools, presets, and much more things but still, the user interface (UI) of this app is so smooth on every Android phone.

By editing the video you will not feel any lag or bug issue, I have seen many users using this app and creating professional video adding transition, and effect but the app remains smooth and stable, and because of that I highly recommend this app.

If you have a smartphone with low specs and looking for an app that can handle HD videos even after adding transition and effect then you should consider using this app.

Watermark and Ads Removed

This is the best and most helpful thing I have ever seen in any video editor app and that is a watermark and ads removed, this is l00% true the app does not have any watermark as well as an advertisement which is great for the users.

Sometimes the watermark can be annoying for the users and also it makes the video low quality and unprofessional but now the problem has been resolved.

One more thing which is removed from the app is the ads, many app developers add advertisements to monetize their app but the app developer removes all the ads from this app to improve the user interface.

After removing Watermark and Ads from the app you going a see a smooth and lag-free experience.

App Requirement (Android)

Specs Minimum Recommended
Space 100 MB 200 MB
Processor Mali, Adreno,
Mali, Adreno,

Can I Download XVideostudio Video Editor apk HD for free?

Lots of users are confused about whether they can download this video editor app for free or not, So let me tell you that this app is free to download even if you can use all the tools and features for free.
And the best thing is you can download the app from our website by just clicking on the download button and the app starts downloading on your device.

Can I use this app on my Android Device?

Of course, To use this app on your Android device you can download the apk file and then install it on your device and TA-DA now you can use the app without any issue.

If you face any issues while installing the app then make sure to allow the unknown source in your settings option.

Can XVideostudio.Video editor apk Edit Videos?

As you can see in the title of this post there is a video editor app that is developed for Android devices, You can edit your videos in this app just like professionals do. This app also supports HD videos as well.

You can also add effects and graphics to your videos, if you are a beginner then I highly recommend you use this video.

Can I use XVideostudio?Video editor apk Without Internet?

The app developer has created this app to use without any internet connection which means you can use the app whenever you want even if you don't have an internet connection still you can use this app.

How to Install XVideostudio Video Editor apk HD on Android?

It is very simple to install this app on your device, you just need to follow the below instruction and then you're done.
  • First, download the apk file from our site.
  • After getting the apk file just the app on it, in the next screen,, it will if you want to install it or not just click on install.
  • While installing the app if you get any notification about "Allow App Installations from Unknown Sources" then just allow this feature.
  • Now your app has been successfully installed, which means now you can use the app.

I hope this post helps you to download xvideostudio. video editor apk for your Android device, You may also want to download PowerDirector Pro Apk.

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