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Waifu Academy Apk v0.11.0 Download (Walkthrough) Latest

Waifu Academy Apk v0.11.0 Download (Walkthrough) Latest

waifu academy

Publisher Irphaeus
Size 4.8 GB
Version v0.11.0

Looking for the latest Waifu Academy v0.11.0 Game apk for Android and PC platforms, This article contains a complete guide on downloading and installation steps.

This is a Japanese visual novel game popular among gamers for its captivating, extensive storyline, engaging gameplay, and versatile compatibility across various devices.

I'll discuss all the compelling reasons that make playing this game a must.

waifu academy

Gameplay of this Game

Many years later, the young man reunites with his father. Over the past year, he has been living in a different city to study. Now, he has returned to his hometown and will continue his studies there alongside his younger sister.

The user will be playing the role of a student who is here to complete his studies in one of the best academies in this city.

After meeting his dad the main character sits in his dad's supercar and they both make their way to their home.

As soon as they arrive at the house, he reunites with his sister and mother after a long time. He doesn't recognize his sister at first, but his father helps him remember.

Now the young man takes a shower and gets ready for dinner, At the dining table, they talk about all the old memories and enjoy their dinner.

Following dinner, the young man retreats to his bedroom, preparing for the upcoming day when he'll be accompanying his sister to the university and facing a substantial workload.

The following day, he headed to school and embarked on his first day at the university. During this initial experience, he had the chance to meet his fellow classmates and even forge some new friendships.

As the story unfolds, it unfolds with a multitude of captivating and engaging activities. To continue experiencing this narrative and relishing the gameplay, it's essential to download the game and immerse yourself in its world.

This game has been crafted by a talented developer named "Irphaeus." You have the option to become a patron of this game developer to access the most up-to-date version of the game.

However, if you're on a tight budget, you can also download the Waifu Academy files directly from this page and enjoy the game completely free of charge.

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Game Requirements

To fully enjoy the gameplay and explore all the content this game has to offer, it's crucial to ensure that your Android smartphone or PC meets the minimum requirements I've listed below.

Meeting these specifications is highly recommended to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Storage2 GB
5 GB
Processor2.2+ GHz2.5+ GHz
OSAndroid 6+Windows 11,
MacOS 10+

How to Download Waifu Academy?

To acquire this game, you can effortlessly download it from this post. Simply click on the provided download link that corresponds to your specific device type, and you'll be able to obtain the game file.

  • Click on the download button according to your device type.
  • Wait while the download link is generated.
  • Once the download link is generated click on it.
  • Now the game file starts downloading on your device.

How to Install Waifu Academy Game?


  • Open the file manager app and look for the downloaded game apk file.
  • Click on the Apk file then click on the install button.
  • Wait while the game is installed on your device.
  • Once the games are installed click on Open.
  • Now you can start playing the game.


  • Extract the downloaded game file using the file manager app.
  • Once the extracted file then look for the game file (file with .exe extension)
  • Double-click on the game file to start the game.
  • Now you can start playing the game.


  • After downloading the game file for Mac extract it.
  • Right-click on the file then click on the extract option.
  • Once the file is extracted open the extracted file.
  • Now double-click on the game file.

How to Add Cheat MOD into Waifu Academy?

If you've been enjoying the game for some time and are interested in adding extra features to enhance your experience, utilizing a MOD for this game is an excellent choice. To incorporate a MOD into the game, follow the simple steps mentioned below:


Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod into your “WaifuAcademy-0.9.0a-pc” folder.


  • Unzip the mod zip file.
  • Right-click your WaifuAcademy app
  • Click on the "Show Package Contents" option.
  • Open the "Contents/Resources/autorun" folder.
  • Hold the Option key and drag the folder named "game" from the mod into the "autorun" folder then Click merge/replace

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to the most frequently asked questions about this game, please refer to the section below. Here, you'll find responses to common inquiries posed by the gaming community concerning various aspects of the game.

How to Reset your Game Waifu Academy?

If you ever find the need to reset your game, whether you wish to start fresh while preserving your game save files or completely reset the game, there are two options you can consider:

1. Starting a New Game: To keep your game save files intact while beginning anew, simply select the "New Game" option within the game itself.

2. Complete Reset: If you want to wipe all progress and data, you can delete the "AppData" folder from your game directory. This action will result in a complete reset of your game.

These options provide flexibility depending on your preferences and the specific reset you wish to perform.

What Happened to Waifu Academy?

As a result of certain personal issues, there has been a delay in the release of the game. However, the game's developer, Irphaeus, has shared an update on Patreon regarding the upcoming version, which is labeled as version 0.10.

In the coming months, you'll have the opportunity to download this new version, which will introduce a plethora of fresh content and enhanced features.

Where Can I Find Waifu Academy?

You have a couple of options to obtain the current latest version of this game:

1. Become a Patreon Member: You can access the latest version by becoming a member on Patreon and supporting the developer directly.

2. Download from this Post: Alternatively, you can download the most recent game files for your Android smartphone or PC directly from this post.

What is the Irphaeus Membership Plan on Patreon?

The current Patreon plans of Irphaeus are Supporter, Funder, Patron, and V.I.P each plan has its own benefits the top plan you subscribe to on Patreon the better deal you can access some of the top features of this game is mentioned below:


  • You have the authority to vote on the game polls.
  • You can download all the NSFW pictures of the game preview.
  • Download a new version of the game 1 week before.
  • The loyalty Package will be unlocked if you continue to this or the top-level plan for 11 months.
  • Access to the official Irphaeus Discord server to discuss this game with other players.


  • You have the authority to vote on the game polls.
  • You can download all the NSFW pictures of the game preview.
  • Download a new version of the game 2 weeks before.
  • The loyalty Package will be unlocked if you continue to this or the top-level plan for 8 months.
  • Access to the Previous Rewards (Supporter Plan)


  • Your name will be mentioned in the game credit section.
  • Access the latest update Instantly.
  • You can download wallpapers of the 3 top Waifu of the month in HD Quality.
  • The loyalty Package will be unlocked if you continue to this or the top-level plan for 5 months.
  • Access to the Previous Rewards (Supporter and Funder Plan)


  • The developer will create the waifu character of your dreams and add it to a 'special' scene in the game.
  • Or the developer will craft her for Waifu Hunter for a bigger role in the next project.
  • You will get Instant access to the Hive-nest exclusive lewd Discord channel.
  • Unlock Loyalty Package* after 3 months of subscription.
  • Access to the Previous Rewards (Supporter, Funder, and Patron Plan)

What is the Current Size of this Game?

As you may be aware, this game is accessible across various devices. Before this release, the game file size varied depending on the type of device. Below, I've provided the specific game sizes for each device.

  • Android Smartphone: 1.98 GB
  • Windows PC/Linux: 2.80 GB
  • Apple Mac: 4.79 GB

What is the Latest Version of this Game?

On 28th January 2024, the developer of this game (Irphaeus) released a new version of the Waifu Academy game which can be played on Android smartphones, Windows, and Apple Mac devices,

To download the current latest version of this game you can use the download link available on this game or you can follow the simple downloading steps available in the FAQ section.

What devices does this game support?

The game Waifu Academy was launched for cross devices which means you can download the latest version of this game on all the most popular devices such as Android smartphones, Windows PCs, Apple Mac, and Linux, Make sure to download the game files according to your device type.

These choices give you the flexibility to choose the method that suits you best to access the game's latest version. 


This game is really great for playing a roleplay visual novel. Everything in it is well-balanced, like pictures, movements, conversations, sounds, and other stuff.

Now that you're aware of how to download the game files and install them on your Android smartphone or PC, consider sharing this post with your fellow gamer friends so they too can indulge in the content and experience this game. Sharing is caring, and it's a great way to spread the enjoyment of gaming!

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