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Four Elements Trainer v1.0.0c [Latest + Compressed] (MITY)

Four Elements Trainer v1.0.0c [Latest + Compressed] (MITY)

four elements trainer

Version v0.9.42
Size  MB
Downloads 500K+
Released on 23-Jul-2020
Updated on 15-Mar-2021
Offered by MITY

  1. four elements trainer

About Four Elements Trainer

Hi there, want to download the Four Elements Trainer Game file for your Device?

Just like other role-playing games published on our site, Four Elements Trainer is also a role-playing game where the player has the control/choice to play the game according to themself.

The developer has added characters from famous series like The Legend of Korra and the Avatar: The Last Airbender, which means players going to see characters from this series,

Players going to play the role of the Aang from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

The graphics of the game are quite amazing, the good thing is that whether you play on Android Smartphone or Windows/Mac device you will get the same amazing gameplay experience with high-quality graphics.

Recently the developer has added so many amazing characters, locations and a brand new storyline to this game,

In future updates, we can expect so many wonderful features, a unique storyline and some other characters in the Four Elements Trainer game.

How to Download Four Elements Trainer?

Players can download the game files your their Android, Windows and Mac from our site using the lightning speed download speed, also the latest version of this game is available on our site which is version 1.0.0c.

Steps to Download Four Elements Trainer

  • Click on the download as per your device
  • Wait while the download link is generating
  • Once the link is generated click on it.
  • After clicking the link the game file starts downloading

Four Elements Trainer Apk Walkthrough

The game is based on Avatar: The Last Airbender series and the location and map are pretty similar to that series, which means if you enjoyed that series then you going to love the gameplay of this game.

Most of the characters, Place, and mission of this game is similar to the Avatar: The Last Airbender series but you going to also see lots of new characters and missions.

The developer of the game which is MITY has developed this game is a way so that players can play the game in their own way by choosing the choice from the game option.

Key Feature of Four Elements Trainer

I am sure you do not want to miss some amazing features of this game, So if you really want to know about all the features, then be sure to check the section below where I have mentioned all the great features of this game and I am sure you would love to know about this features.

Now Play in High Graphics

If you like to watch animes then you also would like to play this game because the graphics of this Four Elements Trainer apk is a little similar to the animes.

You can play the game in high graphics even in the high graphics without any lag issue, isn't is amazing?

The game doesn't require any kind of high-end device to run the game, just make sure you have an Android device with a minimum of 1 GB RAM and a minimum of 1 GB free space that's it you don't need anything more to play this game.

Apply Cheats Rule Characters 

Now you don't need to worry about the cheats for these four elements of trainer android because now you can access all the cheats from the inside of this game.

Just enable your favourite cheats option and the cheat will be applied to the game without any kind of issue,

The best thing is you can use tons of cheats in this game because the developer of the four elements trainer apk added lots of cheats to this game.

Skip Difficult Missions

As I said before you can access all the cheats options to these game which means you can also skip missions as well as the episode which you don't want to play.

This feature is so helpful for those who don't want to play hard or boring missions, they can just use the cheat option and skip the specific mission of episodes.

Play in Offline Mode (Without Internet)

If you looking for a role-playing offline game then the Four Elements Trainer apk will be best for you because you just need to download the game at once and that's it.

After downloading the game you can run the game whenever you want without any internet connection.

four elements trainer android doesn't require an internet connection which is also helpful for your Android device,

Because you are not getting any kind of lag problem because there is no server connection which means there is no lag or frame drop problem.

All Advertisement Remove

You may be thinking that if this game is free to download and everyone can play this game without paying any money then it would contain ads, But I just want to tell you that the four elements trainer apk doesn't contain any kind of advertisement.

The developer of this game has a petrion account where he gets help from so many players of this game. and that's why this game is free to download and doesn't contain any kind of ads.

Games requirement

Specs Minimum Recommended
Space 2 GB 3 GB
Processer Mali, Adreno,
Mali, Adreno,
Android 5.0+ 9.0+

Four Elements Trainer FAQs

How to Play Four Elements Trainer in Android?

First, you just need to download the game and then you can install the apk file on your android device then open the game that's it now you can enjoy the game without any problem.

You can download the apk file from our site even you can just click on the above download button of this post to download the Four Elements Trainer apk.

How to Install four elements trainer?

After downloading the game now it's time to install the game in your Android device but How to Install four elements trainer apk but download you can follow the given steps below to installing the apk without any problem.

Can I Download Four Elements Trainer for Free?

The game developer of the four elements trainer has released the game for free for the Patreon members, if you didn't subscribe to the developer on Patreon then you can download the latest version of this from our site for free.

From our site, users can download the Four Elements Trainer game files for any of their devices like Android, Windows and Mac.

Can I Play Four Elements Trainer without Internet?

The good thing is that you can run the game without an internet connection, which means players just need to download the game files and later they can enjoy the gameplay without turning their internet connection.

What is the game size of Four Elements Trainer?

The size of the game is low compared to Being A Dik, the average size of the game for Windows and Mac users is 670 MB and for the Android user the apk size is 685 MB,

What is the Minimum Requirement of the Four Elements Trainer?

To run the game smoothly and without any issue, your device should have a minimum of 4 GB RAM on Windows or Mac devices, on the other hand, if you have at least 2 GB RAM on your Android smartphone then you can play the game without any issue.

Download Four Elements Trainer for Android, Windows and Mac

If you facing a lag issue while playing this game then you can free up some space and RAM in your Android device also make sure to use an app like game optimizer to fix that problem.

I hope this post helps you to download and Install the Four Elements Trainer apk on your Android device, You may also want to download Dual Family Apk v2.5 (MOD).