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Treasure of Nadia Apk v1.0112 (MOD) Download Android/PC

Treasure of Nadia Apk v1.0112 (MOD) Download Android/PC

treasure of nadia download

Version v1.0112
Size 1.2 MB
Downloads 500K+
Released on 23-Jul-2020
Updated on 15-Aug-2021
Offered by NLT

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Do you want to download Treasure of Nadia apk for your Android device?

As you can read the game title, it has a word treasure that means Treasure of Nadia going to be a treasure game with an amazing storyline.

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

In the Treasure of Nadia Android, you going to play a role of a young man who has traveled to an unknown forest to find hidden treasures, But he also finds some unknown girls in the same forest who are here to search for the same treasure.

As you continue playing the game you will see that the game has some interesting twists, By a twist I mean you can be in a relationship with all the girls in this game.

You can do two different things inside the game. first, you can find the hidden treasure in the forest. second, you can do role-playing in the treasure of nadia apk.

The role-playing option is more interesting because you can do whatever you want which you can't do in the real world, You can find a girl, you can make her your girlfriend, also you can enjoy romance with her in the Treasure of Nadia.

Features Treasure of Nadia Mod Apk

There are lots of interesting features about this game which I think you should know if you going to play or You are currently playing this game, you can check all the features of this game below.

15 Hours More Content

If you downloaded the game from the official for free then you missing some more interesting story or content of this game, But how? Because the free version of the treasure of nadia apk has only 15 hours of content.

To get more than 15 hours of content or the full version of this game you have you buy the game from their official website.

But don't worry if you don't want to invest money or you don't have money for buying the game because today we are providing the full version of this game for free.

High Graphics

If you enjoyed playing Summertime saga then I'm sure you going to love this game because the developer of this game has don't a great job to improve the graphics of this game.

Even you can play this game in a high setting on your android device without any lag or frame drop issue even in low-end android mobile.

You may be facing lag issue sometimes to fix this kind of problem you can free up your Android device RAM using any Cleaner App to clear RAM And cache,

After cleaning the RAM and cache you will notice that your game is running smoother than before, Also the lagging problem will be fixed.

Easy Controls

The best thing I like the most about the game is the controls, When you start playing the game you will notice that the controls of the game are so simple and easy to control your characters.

It doesn't matter if you are playing this game on an Android device or Windows PC because the controls for both are the same is so simple. 

If you are playing this for the first time and don't know the controls of Treasure of Nadia apk then don't worry, At the beginning, the game will guide you step-by-step all the options, settings, and controls.

Unlimited Money

If you really want to enjoy the treasure of nadia game and want to unlock an amazing item that is available in this game then your probably need to have money inside this game but to get money in this game then again you need to pay for it.

Again don't worry because we have a solution for that, If you want to get lots of money in this game then just download the treasure of nadia mod apk that's it and now you will see that you get lots of money inside this game for free.

Skip Mission

This is my favorite feature and I'm sure you also going to find it interesting, The feature could be most helpful if you want to skip any kind of difficult missions or episodes.

Sometimes you might don't want to play any specific mission or any kind of boring episodes in the treasure of nadia apk maybe because it is boring or so difficult.

Then you can just use this option to skip that mission after skipping the mission you will see that you can successfully reach the next mission without playing the previous one.

Games requirement

Specs Minimum Recommended
Space 2 GB 3 MB
Processer Mali, Adreno,
Mali, Adreno,
Android 5.0+ 9.0+

How to Install Treasure of Nadia mod Apk on Android Device?

If you are struggling with the game installation process then follow the below step-by-step process where I have shown the complete installing process of the treasure of Nadia game on your Android device.

  • Download the apk file from this post by clicking on the download button
  • Now locate the downloaded apk and click on the apk file
  • In the next screen, It may ask you to allow unknown-source install just allow it.
  • Now, wait while your game is installing.
  • After completing the installation process open the game and enjoy.

What is the Treasure of Nadia Mod Apk?

The Mod version of treasure of nadia comes with extra new features and items, for example, Money, Unlock episodes, Items, and more.

If you want to unlock everything and also if you want lots of free money in this game at the beginning then you can download this mod.

The mod version of this game is 100% free and also can be played without the internet.

Can I Play this without an Internet Connection?

This game doesn't require any kind of internet connection, which means you can play this game without any internet access this will be helpful because if you don't have any kind of internet connection then you can still play the game, but you just need to download the game first then enjoy it whenever you want.

What is the Minimum Requirement of the Treasure of Nadia?

The best thing about this game is that the minimum requirement is very low, which means you can play the game on any low-end device.

You need a minimum of 2 GB free space in your Android device and 2 GB of minimum RAM, If your device has the minimum requirement then you can play the game on your android device without any problem.

I hope this post helps you to download the treasure of nadia mod apk, You may also want to download it.

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  1. I download the android version but I cant find its mod Console, how can I get unlimited money?

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    1. All links have been updated to the latest version, Thanks Maverick for letting us know!