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Treasure of Nadia v1.0117 [NLT Media] (Cheat) Android | PC

Treasure of Nadia v1.0117 [NLT Media] (Cheat) Android | PC

treasure of nadia

Publisher NLT Media
Size 1.53 GB
Version v1.0117

About Treasure of Nadia

Want to Download the latest version of the Treasure of Nadia game for your Android smartphone and PC?

Treasure of Nadia is set on a tropical island and follows the adventures of the main character, a young man named Neil.

Neil travels to the island in search of a hidden treasure, but his quest takes an unexpected turn when he encounters various exciting characters and becomes involved in their lives.

The game combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and mature content as Neil interacts with the island's inhabitants and uncovers secrets along the way.

The goal of this game is to find the hidden treasure on the island and build a good relationship with the female characters available in the game.

Neil is the first female character that you going to know well in the game, She is also your partner in the game which will help you to find the treasures and solve all the mystery which is connected to this game.

It has been a few years now since the game was released and "NLT Media" who is developing this game has continued to add new content to this game with each update they release.

But now the final version of the Treasure of Nadia is released, which means you may not see any new update of this game very soon.

To download the current latest version which is v1.0117 you can use the download links available on this game or you can follow the steps mentioned on this page.

Treasure of Nadia Requirement

This game boasts high-quality graphics akin to The Genesis Order, featuring captivating animations, extensive storylines, challenging missions, and numerous additional features.

Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that your gaming device meets the minimum specifications outlined below before diving into the gameplay:

Storage2 GB
10 GB
Processor2.2+ GHz2.5+ GHz
OSAndroid 6+Windows 11,
MacOS 10+

How to Add Cheats in Treasure of Nadia?

If you playing them for a long time and have difficulties finding items to craft, do not have enough money, and another issue then using cheats is a good option, and adding the cheat file is also a simple task.


1. Download the cheat file from this post.

2. Now move the cheat file to Game/www/data here (Replace the current folder)

3. You need to activate the cheat to add money and other items.

4. To activate the cheat, Go Home then upstairs, and click on the red top on the table.

5. Select any cheat you want to activate money or items.

How to Download Treasure of Nadia Game?

Downloading the latest current version of this game is a simple task and all you need to download this game is to follow the simple steps mentioned by me below:

1. Click on the download button as per your device type.

2. Now wait while the download link is generated.

3. Once the download link is generated click on it.

4. Wait while the game file is downloading.

You can move on to the next step where I mentioned the installation process of this game.

How to Install Treasure of Nadia Game?

After obtaining the game file, you can proceed to install it on either your Android smartphone or your PC. It's worth noting that the installation process varies between these two devices. However, rest assured that both processes are straightforward.

To ensure simplicity, I've outlined the installation steps for each platform below:


1. Open the file manager on your Smartphone and look for the download apk file.

2. Click on the Treasure of Nadia Apk file and then click on the install button.

3. Now wait while the Apk file is installed.

4. Once the apk file is installed click on Open to start playing the game.


1. Open the file manager app and look from the game file (with .zip extension)

2. Now extract the file game file by right-clicking on it and then click on the extract option.

3. Now wait while the file is extracted, once extracted open the folder.

4. Look for the "Game.exe" file (with .exe extension) and double-click on it to start the game.


1. Unzip the downloading file using Finder on your Mac.

2. Open the folder after unzipping.

3. Double-click on the Game file.

4. The game starts now you can play the game.

How to Make a Pirate Key in Treasure of Nadia?

One of the challenging missions in the game is to make Private Keys, The good thing is that you can easily make them using broken keys, But how do you find broken keys? I have added some locations where you can find broken keys.

1. Go to the Tasha Baar and see a man in the men's toilet, Give him a green, red, meca plant, and he will give you 2 broken keys.

To get some more broken keys to make a private key you can check out this post where they have mentioned all the key locations.

How to Craft a Shovel in Treasure of Nadia?

To craft a Shovel in this game you need 4 different elements in the game such as Shovel Head, Shovel Shaft, Shovel Handle, and Jade Talisman, if you combine them all then you can easily make a Shovel.

Shovel Head is available for purchase at Squallmart, while the remaining three items are scattered across various locations. To gather all these components and learn where to find them, you can refer to this helpful tutorial on YouTube.

Where to Find Rosa Moss in Treasure of Nadia?

Rosa Moss and Jasmine, Basic Container, Love Potion is the key element in the game to craft Jasmine Massage Oil, and you can find them easily in a cave on Estero Park.

Now you know the process of downloading and installing this game on your Android smartphone and PC, consider sharing this post with your friends so that they can enjoy this game as well.

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