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Stardew Valley MOD Apk v1.4.5.151 Download (Unlimited Gold)

Stardew Valley MOD Apk v1.4.5.151 Download (Unlimited Gold)

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Version v1.4.5.151
Size264 MB
Downloads 1M+
Released on 13-Mar-2019
Updated on 12-Jan-2021
Offered by Chucklefish Limited

About Game

Do you want to download Stardew Valley Apk free for your Android device?

Stardew Valley is a farming role-playing game where you build your dream farmhouse and much more things just like Multicraft.

This game allows you to build farming of your dream at your fingertip, now you don't need a real farm or land just use your Android device to build all the things.

Now you can customize your farmer and home with more than 100+ amazing options of your choice, 

On your farm, you can raise and breed different kinds of animals after growing them you can exchange them with money, and using this money you can unlock new things.

If you do not want to sell your Animals then you can sell all the things which you're getting from the animals, for example, If you have chickens that produce eggs every day then you can sell the eggs, not the chicken.

Just like this if you have cows on your farm which produce milk then you can sell the milk instant of the cow, by following this process you can continue earning money without selling your Animals.

You can also settle down and start a family with 12 potential marriage candidates, you can choose any one of the candidates in this game to start a family.

Celebrate seasonal festivals and villager quests with local villagers by becoming part of the community.

What is Stardew Valley Game?

Stardew Valley is a farming role-playing game released for Android, Windows, and other gaming consoles, this game allows you to build your dream farm and house, In the farm, you can raise and breed different kinds of animals, and later you can exchange them for money.

The game also allows you to settle down and start a family with 12 potential marriage candidates.

How to Fish in Stardew Valley?

The process to catch a fish is so simple, first, you need a fishing rod which you can buy from the shop shops after getting the fishing rod to go to the near water and long press to the water, then release it unlit you get the high level in the indicator, Once a fish catch into your rod you will get an exclamatory mark on top of the player just tap on it.

Just click on the exclamatory mark and then there was a little game pop up where you have to place the fish into the green zone until the green bar gets full, after getting the bar full you will get the fish.

But if maybe thing why should you go fishing in this game, well there are so many benefits of fishing, If you are trying to earn money in Stardew Valley game then fishing is one of the best things you do in this game, after catching fish you can sell them and earn money in return.

The other thing you can do with fish uses it as an ingredient in your food, as you know there are a lot of things you can cook in this game and fish is the best thing that can be cooked. You can cook too.

How to Make Money in Stardew Valley?

Well, there are so many things you can do in this game to increase your money genuinely,

To make money in the Stardew Valley game you can grow different kinds of Crops, Vegetables, or you can raise and breed different kinds of animals or go fishing, And then you can sell your crops or animals you raise for the exchange of money.

For example, you can sell the crops and vegetables you grow, or sell animals and fish for money.

Or you can download the Stardew Valley MOD apk for your Android device which content unlimited gold coins and everything is unlocked, You can use all the things and gold coins for free.

How to get Hardwood Stardew Valley?

The best resource to getting hardwood in the Stardew Valley game is by chopping down a Mahogany Tree using an axe, but sometimes it is difficult to find a Mahogany especially if you ended up clearing up your farm and losing these Mahogany tree seeds than it can be difficult to find more,

To find Mahogany tree seeds just go to the secret woods and kill some slimes, these slimes are one of the best and easiest sources of Mahogany seeds in the entire game, After getting the seeds just plant your Mahogany seed where you want also to make sure to use tree fertilizer to improve the free growth.

Once planted your seed going to take some time to grow, After your free grow you will get an option to cut down the tree, Also make sure to shake your trees so that you can get more seeds and can grow more Mahogany trees.

How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley?

It is very easy to get the clay in this game, you just have to go to the beach area and find the worms that come out of the ground and dig there using Hoe or shovel, sometimes you may find other stuff but most of the cases you will get the clays.

How to feed chickens in Stardew Valley?

To feed your chickens in the Stardew Valley game, the first thing you need to do is buy hay from Marnie's Ranch, which will cost you 50 gold. Bring the hay from Marnie's farm back to your chicken coop and put the hay on the feeding bench.

You can follow this process daily if you want your chickens to be happy, The happier your chickens are the high-quality eggs you will receive from them each morning, and the more money you'll receive by selling the eggs. 

How to use bait Stardew Valley?

Bait can helps you to catch fish faster, but how can you use bait in your fishing rod, well, it is so simple first you need to make sure that you have a fiberglass rod because in a bamboo rod you cannot use bait and if you don't have a fiberglass rod then you can buy it from the fishing shop which will cost you 1800 gold,

After getting the fiberglass rod open the menu and hold bait using your mouse or controller and dragged it over to the fiberglass rod and then it was placed in the rod, Now you can use the rod with bait to catch fish faster.

Is Stardew Valley multiplayer?

Right now, you can only play Stardew Valley multiplayer on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, if you're an Android user you cannot play this game in multiplayer mode, maybe in the future, you can play this game with your friends using an Android device.

What is the Minimum requirement of Stardew Valley Apk?

If you want to play this game without any lag or low frame issue then make sure that you're Android device is compatible with the minimum requirement, Your Android much has a minimum of 300 MB free storage and 2 GB of RAM and the Android version is the minimum marshmallow (6.0).

Specs Minimum Recommended
Space 300 MB 500 MB
RAM 2 GB 3+ GB
Processer Mali, Adreno, PowerVR Mali, Adreno, PowerVR
Device AndroidAndroid

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Stardew Valley MOD Apk?

The downloading process of the mod version of this game is quite simple, all you need is to click on the download button and then wait while the download link is generating after successfully link generated click on it, and the game start downloading your device without issue.

Follow the steps to download the game:
  • Click the Download button on this post.
  • Please wait while the download link is being generated.
  • After the link is generated, click on it.
  • Now the game starts downloading to your device.

How to install Stardew Valley Apk on Android?

I have mentioned all the steps which you can follow to install the game on your device without any problems.
  • Search for the downloaded App and Obb file in your file manager.
  • Click on the app then click on the install option.
  • After completing the installation process, Extract the Obb file.
  • Move the Obb file to your Internal Storage>Android>Obb move here.
  • Now you are all done, Open the game and Enjoy.

How to get Unlimited Gold in Stardew Valley for free?

The best and genuine way to get gold coins in this game is by selling crops and animals which you grow and raise but in this process, you cannot get many gold coins also it going to take a lot of time, So you can download the mod version of this game which contain unlimited and everything unlocked for free, download the mod version from our site for free.

Does Stardew Valley require Internet Access?

You don't need internet access to play this game, you can do everything you want as long as you don't play multiplayer mode or other activities that require an internet connection

I hope this post helps you to download Stardew Valley Mod apk for your Android device, You may also want to download Metal Slug 3 Apk (MOD).

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