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City of Broken Dreamers v1.10.1 (Book 1) Download [All device]

City of Broken Dreamers v1.10.1 (Book 1) Download [All device]

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Version v1.10.1
Size980 MB
Downloads 10M+
Released on 05-Nov-2019
Updated on 24-Aug-2021
Offered by Philly Games

About City of Broken Dreamers

Do you want to download the City of Broken Dreamers game for your Android and other devices?

You may know that there are so many Noval story games available for Android, Windows, and Apple Mac, we also mentioned some of the most amazing ones on our site previously and you can download and play them for free of cost.

If you complete the story of Freeloading FamilyAway From Home, or Milfy City then now it's time for you to play a brand new Noval story game that has amazing graphics and storyline, and the name of the game is City of Broken Dreamers.

The game is developed by Philly Games and just like other game developers, you can also support the game developer team on Patreon.

The storyline of the game is based on the future world and you can see so many futuristic cities and fictional things in this game,

By playing this game you feel like you playing the Cyberpunk 007 Game because the city of broken dreamers has so many things like Graphics, Cars, People, and a city that are very similar to the Cyberpunk game.

Currently, the first version of this game is released which is book one and so many users like this game a lot and users can't wait for book two which is going to be released very soon, we will make sure to unload the Book two of this game on our site as soon as it gets released.

This is a mature game that contains so many choices and the players can choose from the available option and decide what should happen next.

For a better gameplay experience, you can download the walkthrough which has all the best options and you can choose the options in the game as it is mentioned in the walkthrough for a better experience.

The thing which I like the most about this game is that all the version of the game is similar without any difference, meaning if you play this game on Android, Windows PC, or Mac all the version will be the same.

Features of the City of Broken Dreamers

If you really want to enjoy the game then you should know about all the features of the City of Broken Dreamers, these will help you to complete the missions more easily and without any interruptions, to know about the features be sure to check out the below section.

Amazing Graphics with Animation

This game is very similar to the Cyberpunk 007 game and because of this, you can expect high-quality graphics from this game, even if you set all the graphics settings to low then still you can play the game with all the small details.

Also, the best thing is that the game developer also has added animations on so many different scenes and that's why players love to play the game.

You can now able to hear all the sound effects which have been added to the animations, to listen to sound more clearly make sure to use headphones.

Cheats Option to unlock new things

Now you can enable cheats and other options in the game by just placing a patch file in the game,

These cheats will help to unlock new items into the game also you can complete missions with a single click.

Now you may be wondering why the cheats options are not appearing on your game setting, it is because the normal version doesn't support the cheats feature and if you want to use cheats then you need to place a patch file into your game folder then you can able to use all these features.

Play on Any devices

Now it is very simple to run the City of Broken Dreamers game on multiple devices, to do that first you need to download the game files according to your device type.

If you want to play the game on Android then you need to download the City of Broken Dreamers apk for Windows PC just click on the Windows PC button and the game will download as per your device type.

Doesn't requires Internet Access

For those of you who can not get access to the internet connection all the time, the game developer did an amazing job by making this game for offline playing.

If you successfully downloaded the game from our site or any other source then you can play the game without turning on the internet connection.

Low system requirement

The best feature of the City of Broken Dreamers which you also going to love is the low system requirement, low system requirements mean if you have a low-end Android device then you can play the game on it too without any issue.

But if you want to get a smooth gameplay experience then make sure that your device is compatible with the minimum requirements, check out the minimum requirement below.

Minimum Requirement of City of Broken Dreamers

Specs Android Windows
Space 1.5 GB 2.5 MB
Processor Mali, Adreno, PowerVR i3, i5 or later
OS Android 6+Windows 7,
10, 11

How to Download the City of Broken Dreamers?

I have mentioned the step-by-step process to install this game on any Android smartphone, Windows PC, or Apple Mac, make sure to check the below steps:

Follow the steps to Download the Game:
  • Click on the Download according to your Device.
  • Then wait while the Download link is generating.
  • Now click on the Button.
  • Your game will start Downloading.

How to Install the City of Broken Dreamers on Android/PC?

If you facing any problems while installing the game then ensure to follow the given steps below,

Follow the steps to install the game on an Android device:
  • Locate it to your download folder.
  • Now tap on the apk file then click Install
  • It may ask if you can allow the unknown source, Just click on allow button
  • Wait while your game is installing
  • After installation is complete click on open and your game will start
  • Now you can game then game without any issue.

Follow the steps to install the game on Windows:
  • Open the file manager and locate the download file.
  • Right-click on the zip file then extract it here.
  • After extracting the file, open the file.
  • Now double-click on the Game .exe file.
  • Now you have successfully installed the game.

I hope this post helps you to download City of Broken Dreamers for your Android device, You may also want to download Sisterly Lust Apk.

If you like this post then make sure to share it with your friends, You can also find us on Youtube, like our Facebook page for the latest update.

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