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Spotify MOD Apk [Premium Unlocked] v8.7.34.1312 Android/PC

Spotify MOD Apk [Premium Unlocked] v8.7.34.1312 Android/PC

spotify mod

Version v8.7.34.1312
Size53 MB
Downloads 1M+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 30-May-2022
Offered by
Spotify AB

About Spotify MOD

Do you want to download Spotify Premium MOD Apk for Android devices?

When it comes to listening to music using an Android application most people choose Spotify, simply because it comes with millions of music, an amazing playlist collection, packed with helpful features and the best thing is it’s absolutely free to use.

To increase the experience to the next level of listing music so many users upgrade their Spotify account to the premium plans, by upgrading their account they get access to extra amazing features which is not available in the free version of the Spotify app.

Some people use the premium version of the Spotify app without paying for Daily/Monthly/Annual plans,

But the question is how is this possible, can you really use Spotify premium without paying for any membership, If yes, how can you do that?

Well, I’m going to tell you everything about the Spotify MOD apk, how can you install Spotify mod apk on your Android device, how can use it to download music and much more.

What is Spotify MOD Apk?

So what really this application is, can you use it for free, well this is a modified version of the original app, where a developer just bypasses the premium membership and now everyone with this mod apk can access all the premium features for free of cost.

By downloading the Spotify mod apk you can also access all the latest new features of this app, like Download music and listen to them in offline mode, Listening to all the music without any ad interruptions, connecting your smartphone to your speakers, TV, and other favorite devices to play music, Group Session while traveling with friends and much more,

Is Spotify MOD apk free to Download and Use?

It is absolutely free to download and use the latest version of the Spotify mod apk which include all the premium features for Andriod smartphone,

Users can download the mod version of this app from our site and use it for free, we also publish the updated version so make sure to bookmark its page to download the upcoming updated version.

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

To get a better idea about the difference between the official free version and paid version check out the table below where I have mentioned the difference between both apps.
Free Version Paid Version
Listen to all musicListen to all music
Advertisement after 30 minutesAd-free music listening
Play music on speakers, TV, and other favorite devicesPlay music on speakers, TV, and other favorite devices

Group Session

Download songs and listen to them in offline mode

Block explicit music

High-quality music

How to use the Spotify Mod Apk?

Once the user downloads and installed the app on their Android device they can use it just like the official app, also make sure that users do not need to sign in or signup to this app for using the latest premium features,

Just open the app and skip the sign-in/sign-up page and start using the app.

Note: Do not log in to your main account in this app, as the Spotify team may suspend your account.

How to get the Spotify MOD Apk?

Users can download the latest Spotify mod apk from this page for free of cost, the downloading process is very simple, just follow the below-mentioned steps, the good thing is that the user can download this app without any registration or server/verification.

Follow the steps to download this app

  • First, click on the download button.
  • Then wait while the download link is generated.
  • Once the download link is generated click on it.
  • After clicking on the download button the app starts downloading.
  • Now the user uses the app by installing the app.

Key Features of Spotify MOD Apk

It will not be interesting or enjoyable to use this app until you know all the amazing features of this app, so to make it easy for you we have mentioned all the amazing features of this app.

All these features are only available in the premium version of this app so make sure you have a premium modified version or a premium account in this app.

Download any song you like

Now the user will be able to download all of their favorite music and play them where ever they want, this feature is one of the best ones, and the majority of the user going to like it because of the easy download and play option.

Play music in Offline Mode

There could be so many situations where a user will not able to play music because of low internet speed or no internet connection,

To fix this problem the Spotify team introduce a new feature called offline listening, using this feature users can now able to play music even if they do not have internet access.

Before playing songs in the offline mode user need to download the songs which they want to listen and later they can play songs in offline mode.

Group sessions with multiple users

Traveling with friends or family? Then this feature will be perfect for you, now allow your friends or family member to change the songs as their own choice,

Just make sure they all have the premium membership,

Now add them all in a group and start listening to your and your friend’s favorite music on the trip.

Ad-Free Music Listening

This is one of my favorite features, now there is no advertisement to interrupt you from listening to your favorite songs,

Under the premium membership, ad-free music is one of the best features.

Spotify MOD apk FAQ

How to Install Spotify Premium MOD Apk?

Once the user downloads the application from our site then they can install the app by following a few simple steps, and the steps are very simple to follow,

Follow the steps to install the app

  • First, open any file manager on an Android device.
  • Now go to your download folder.
  • Click on the apk then click on install.
  • Then click on the install button.
  • Once the app is installed you can start using it.

Is it a Spotify Premium Apk that Supports Offline Mode?

The premium version of the Spotify app supports offline mode or in other words offline listening, this feature is very helpful when it comes to listening to music without an internet connection or in a location where the internet signal is too weak,

To enable the offline mode feature users need to upgrade their account to a paid plan like Mini, Individual, Duo, or Family,

If you want to use this feature and other features for free you can download the Spotify mod apk and start accessing all the premium features for free of cost.

Is it Safe to use Spotify MOD?

Users can use this app without any problem as long as they are not logged in to their real account in this app so if you face any problem while using the app just uninstall the app And install the latest mod app from our site and start using this app.

Should I Upgrade to Moded Spotify Apk?

If you still using the old version of the moded version of this app then you should definitely consider upgrading the app to the latest version,

From our site you can download the latest version which contains amazing features, also you can use them for free of cost.

Should I login into Spotify MOD App?

I don’t recommend login into your real account into the modified version of this app, but you can create a second account and use that in this app without any worries.

Hope this post helps you to download Spotify MOD Apk and unlocked all the premium features, you may also want to download Cash App Plus Plus or Instagram Plus Plus.

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