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Rick and Morty A Way Back Home (v3.6 + Walkthrough) [Ferdafs]

Rick and Morty A Way Back Home (v3.6 + Walkthrough) [Ferdafs]

Rick and Morty a Way Back Home

Version v3.6
Size1.9 GB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 16-Jan-2023
Offered by Ferdafs

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About Rick and Morty a Way Back Home

Want to download the latest version of Rick and Morty a Way Back Home game for all of your devices?

Rick and Morty a way back home is a Role-playing game which is developed by a game developer named Ferdafs, and its name is available for free to download and play.

Many of Rick and Morty's fans from the United States and other countries already love to play this game.

The storyline of the whole game is based on Morty's adventure in a new dimension where he tries not to be the old Morty and does so many new things and becomes confident.

This game allows the user to choose from the multiple-choice and depending on the selected option next scene will be shown to the player, and the user can do what they want by choosing the choice they have.

The game is based on the Official Rick and Morty show with a new and amazing storyline, and because of this, the game is downloaded by millions of users from all over the world.

Currently, the latest version of this game is v3.6 which contains more than 8 hours of gameplay content, also the latest version has so many amazing characters from the official show and the top two most famous characters are Rick and Morty,

The developer also added his own character to make the game a little unique and amazing, and I'm sure once the player meets the new character they going to love them.

The Storyline of the Rick and Morty a Way Back Home

In the beginning, the player will see Rick and Morty are in a different dimension, riding on a flying bike to get a crystal ball, but the twist is they're not alone, at their behind a big honey bee trying to attack them and stop them to get the crystal ball.

Somehow Rick and Morty leave their bike and open a portal that is linked to their real world, then they successfully arrived at their real world,

Once they both come to their dimension Rick was very angry at Morty and tells him why he was not able to shoot the big honey bee, Morty said he wasn't so confident and that's why he wasn't able to shoot the big honey bee.

The next day Rick comes to Morty's house and tells him to come outside with him, after coming outside of the house Rick attaches a tracking device to Morty's neck and tells him he has to go to the other dimension so that he can gain more confidence and become a strong kid.

After a movement, Rick opens a portal which is linked to a different dimension and sends Morty into it,

In the beginning, the dimension looks same as the original is the same as the original one but all the people in this dimension became mature including Morty.

In the new dimension, Morty has to face so many challenges and because of this, he became so confident in his real dimension.

To know what challenges Morty has to face in the journey of becoming confident, you can download the Rick and Morty a Way Back Home game from our site for free and start to explore his journey.

Features of Rick and Morty a Way Back Home

Characters from the Official Rick and Morty Show

The developer has added so many original characters from the official show and now players can interact with them and also can play missions and so many other tasks.

In the future update, the developer going to add new characters some of them will be from the show and the show will be created by the developers,

The Game is supported by Multiple Devices

Currently, the game is supported by multiple devices like Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux this allows the users to play from their convenient device type,

The game file is different for each device so make sure to check the download option which downloads the game for your device,

If you download the wrong game file for your device then you cannot run it and you may end up with an unknown error, so it's recommend to download the right game file for your device.

Easy to add MOD and Unlock

There are so many game fans who are creating mods for these games, using all these MOD players can unlock new items, missions, and much more,

This feature will make the game more interesting to play if you already completed all the missions of Rick and Morty's A Way Back Home.

We can also add new characters using all of these mod files, but some of these mods can cause your game save data so be sure to back up your game file before using any kind of mods.

Rick and Morty a Way Back Home FAQs

What is Rick and Mort a Way Back Home Game?

This is a role-playing virtual novel game also known as Rick and Morty a Way Back Home, the game is free to download and available on multiple devices like Android, Windows, and Mac, users can download the game files from our site for free.

How to Download Rick and Mort a Way Back Home Game?

The process of downloading a game from our site is very simple from our site, users can follow the steps which is mentioned below.

Follow the steps to download the game files.

  • First, click on the download button as per your device type.
  • Then wait while the download link is generating,
  • Once the link is generated click on it.
  • Now the game file starts downloading.
  • Wait for a few minutes to completely download the file.

How to Run Rick and Morty a Way Back Home Game?

After downloading the Run Rick and Mort a Way Back Home game files from our site, the user can easily run the game by extracting the file, then double-clicking on the application file, If you still facing issues while running the game then follow the steps mentioned below.

Follow the mentioned steps to run the game on Android

  • To run the game on an Android device, open the file manager app.
  • Go to the folder where is game file is downloaded.
  • Now click on the game apk file, then click on install.
  • Wait while the game is installed on your device.
  • Once the game is installed open and enjoy the game.

Follow the mentioned steps to run the game on Windows

  • First, open any file manager app on your Windows device.
  • Now extract the downloaded game file.
  • Open the extracted file, then double-click on the "RickAndMorty.exe" file.
  • Now the game will start, click the new game and enjoy.

Are Rick and Morty a Way Back Home is an Offline Game?

This is an offline game for all kinds of devices, users can download the game file and run the game later without any internet access, The developer mentioned that the game will be playing offline forever.

Hope this post helps to download Rick and Morty a way back home game files and walkthrough, there are so many similar games based on TV shows like Kame Paradise or Ben 10: A Day with Gwen.

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