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Town of Passion v1.1.0 (MOD + Walkthrough) Download

Town of Passion v1.1.0 (MOD + Walkthrough) Download

town of passion

Version v3.5c
Size3.5 GB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 16-Oct-2021
Offered by Ferdafs

About Town of Passion

The latest version of the Town of Passion v1.1.0 is released for Windows and Android users, Want to know how to download and run this game?

Just like the previous game we publish on our site called Drain Mansion, Town of Passion is an adventure styled RPG game that is based on a young man or we should call him a villager,

The villager lives in a small town name valencia, where he gets to know so many secrets about the village and the people who live there,

Expect the unknown secrets there are beautiful women live here too, so while solving the mystery you going to meet with so many different gorgeous women, also you can get into a relationship with them.

As I mentioned earlier in this post that in the village of the Town of passion game you going to meet so many different kinds of women, each has its own storyline and requirement to unlock them.

Some of the women's names are Mary, Roselyn, Raylene, Evelynn, Akane, Haru, Fae, Sera, Maya, Flora,

In the beginning, the player will not able to access or meet them because at the first all the characters will be locked, so to unlock them play neet to fulfill certain conditions and requirements,

To know more about the characters and unlock requirements, you can check the table I have mentioned below.

The storyline of the Town of Passion

In the beginning, the main character finds himself in an unknown place where he doesn't know what to do next to get out from here,

Luckily the villagers of valencia find him and take him to their village, now the main character is one of the members of this village.

But after living here a few days as a villager he gets to know about some of the most mysterious secrets about the village and the people who live here.

Now it is the player's responsibility to solve tricky puzzles and help out the people of valencia so that they can live a happy life.

The journey is not going to be easy not but by using the town of passion walkthrough file you can solve all the puzzles and clear the all missions in this game.

How to Unlocked Characters in Town of Passion

The game has so many interesting characters to interact with, but at the beginning of the game you can interact with some of the limited characters only,

To unlock all the characters in the town of passion game you need to fulfill certain requirements, all the requirements can be easily completed and you can easily unlock all the characters.

Characters Requirement
Mary Strength +1
Charm +2*
Agility +2
25 Gold
RoselynCharm +3
30 Gold (3 Bottles of Wine)
Raylene Strength +3
Agility +3
Evelynn 20-Feb-2019
Akane 16-Oct-2021
Mermaid Queen Goddess Dive
Fae Strength +3
Agility +3
Intelligence +5
Lust +3 (to the point you have cleansed the Barrier in Snowy Ridge)
Passion +3 (to the point you have obtained Goddess Dive)
Maya Bronze Gauntlet
Angel’s feather
Ruby Fragment
Aquamarine Fragment
50 Gold
Flora Passion +1
Bronze Gauntlet
Angel’s Feather
Auri Amethyst Fragment
10 Gold (for Rope)

Town of passion FAQs

How to Download town of passion Game files?

To download the latest version of this Town of passion game v1.1 users can click on the download button according to their device and then the download link will start generating, once the download is generated the game file will start downloading on your device.

Follow the steps to download Town of Passion

  • First, click on the download button.
  • Now, wait while the download link is generated.
  • Once the download link is generated click on it.
  • Now the game file will start downloading.

How to Install town of passion on Android/Windows?

Once you have downloaded the game files you can easily run the game by installing the file on your device, make sure that the installation process is different on Windows and Android, I have mentioned the steps for instating the game on both of the games below.

Follow the steps to install the game on an Android device

  • First, use a file manager and go to your device download folder.
  • Now click on the game apk file, then click on the install button.
  • Wait while the game is installing, (it will take some time)
  • Once the game is installed you can play the game.

Follow the steps to install the game on a Windows device

  • Use file explorer and go to the folder where the game file is saved.
  • Now right-click on the game file then extract the file.
  • Open the extracted folder then search for townofpassion.exe file.
  • Double click on the townofpassion.exe file to start the game.

What is the Latest version of Town of Passion?

The latest version of the town of passion is v1.1.0 which is developed by Sirensdomain and is officially available on our site and Sirensdomain page.

I hope from this post you are able to download the game file of the town of passion and walkthrough, also know how to characters, Once you complete the game you can also download similar games like Lust EpidemicHaileys Treasure Adventure, or Camp With Mom Extend.

The developer going to release a new update of this game, to download the latest updated game files you can follow us on the Facebook page, for download and installation tutorials you can follow us on our YouTube channel.