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Underdog v1.0 (MOD + Compressed) Download [Abandoned]

Underdog v1.0 (MOD + Compressed) Download [Abandoned]


Version v0.22
Size2.25 GB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 02-May-2022
Offered by Killahseven (Killer7)

About Underdog Game

Do you want to download Underdog v1.0 for your Android, Windows, and Mac devices?

Nowadays there are tons of visual novel role-playing games available on the internet, and most of them come with amazing high-quality graphics like Sisterly LustWaifu Academy, and Waifu Hub.

Just like all these games, a new developer name Abandoned decided to create his own role-playing game with the same high graphics as others.

This game gives the opportunity to the players who completed their game and now want to move forward to another amazing game.

If you're also looking for a game that contains a unique storyline with wonderful game characters then the first version of the underdog v1.0 is for you.

The Storyline of Underdog v1.0

Underdog v1.0 game is based on a housekeeper who once day found a house, once he enter the house he saw a young man, the housekeeper ask the young man for any housekeeping job,

The house was so big and more than 5 people live in this game so there is so much work available in this house and that's why the young men offer the housekeeper a job.

The same day he start working on this big house, he clears the floor, wash the dishes, and so many other work,

While doing his job he finds that including the young men there are so many other girls staying in this big house and most of the girls are so beautiful,

From this stage, the player can control most of the options of this game, the main feature of this game is to choose the best choice so that they can earn respect, heart, and points on this game.

If the user chooses a choice that is not compatible with the current situation then they will lose the game, and they have to start from the last checkpoint again.

But players continue to play the game by saving the game before making some sensitive choice if they lose in the game, this feature is very popular in all role-playing games.

Underdog v1.0 Download FAQ

What is the Latest Version of the Underdog Game?

The current and the latest version of this game is Underdog v1.0, which is available for free to download and play, the developer going to release the new updated version very soon.

Who is the developer of Underdog v1.0?

The name of the Underdog game developer is Abandoned, most of the graphics, animations, programming, and other things are done by him. 

When is the Next Version of the Underdog coming out?

The developer of this game is Abandoned, didn't release any update regarding the next version release date, but very soon we can play the new storyline of this game

Once you download Underdog v1.0 you may face some bugs while playing the game because this is the first version released by the developer, but the storyline and the characters of the game are amazing and for sure you going to love the game,

There are so many games available like The Genesis OrderAOA Academy, or Kame Paradise Apk, these games are similar to Underdog v1.0,

To access the new updated version of this game you can follow us on our Facebook page, for all the downloading and installation tutorials you can follow us on YouTube.