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My Sweet Neighbors v0.12 [Cheats + Compressed] (All Device)

My Sweet Neighbors v0.12 [Cheats + Compressed] (All Device)

My Sweet Neighbors

Version v0.12
Size1.2 GB
Downloads 1M+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 27-Oct-2018
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About My Sweet Neighbors

Hello there, Want to Download My Sweet Neighbors v0.12 for your Android, Windows, and Mac device?

My Sweet Neighbors is a role-playing game, developed by a  developer named Pandelo, the game is available for all kinds of devices, like Android, Windows, and Mac.

If you played the previous old version of this game and if you like the gameplay then you going to love to play the game's latest version too,

The developer finally released a new version of my sweet neighbors game which is version 0.12, in this version developer has added so many extra characters, locations, and additional storylines.

In addition, we have also provided extra content for this game which is developed by fans, also you can download the compressed version of this game and the game walkthrough file, 

My Sweet Neighbors Story

The game is based on a man who recently got divorced from his wife and is now he moves on to a new apartment two weeks ago,

Most of his neighbors are good and one of the neighbors named Eucliwood is very friendly and she lives next door to you,

Eucliwood is a single mom and she lives with her 18-year-old daughter the next day Eucliwood's daughter comes to the main character's house to celebrate her 18th birthday.

When she arrived at your house you going to know so many things about her, and her mom, also you order some pizza and complete some missions in the game.

By the evening her mother comes to the house and some new missions get unlocked and you can play the missions according to you.

What are My Sweet Neighbors?

My Sweet Neighbors is a role-playing virtual novel game which is created by a game developer name Pandelo, the name is based on a man and his friendly neighbors and that's the reason the name of this game is My Sweet Neighbors,

In the name, the main character falls in love with one of the Neighbors names Eucliwood, and her daughter, and soon they build a strong relationship.

The story of the game is created in a way so that playing can build their own storyline by choosing from the options.

Can I Play My Sweet Neighbours on Android?

Pandelo who is the developer of this game and released the game for Android smartphone users, this means if a user has a smartphone with the minimum required specs then they can play the game without any problem.

How to use Cheats in My Sweet Neighbours?

A player name THADEADMAN created a cheat for this game, using this cheat you can rule all the characters in this game, also you won't lose the game for selecting the wrong choice,

The installation process of this cheat file is very simple, all you need to do to install the cheats is just to extract the cheat file and place the file inside the ../My_Sweet_Neighbors-[game version]-pc folder.

What is the game size of My Sweet Neighbors?

The current average file size of the My Sweet Neighbors game is 1.6 GB for Windows, Mac, and Linux device users and the Android file size is 568 MB,

Windows users also download the compressed version which is only 632 MB, and the good thing is that users will get all the same benefits in the compressed version as in the official version.

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Key Features of My Sweet Neighbors

Available for All Device types

The game is now available for all the device types and by downloading the game according to that device players can easily run the game on their preferred device.

The new version of the game is version 0.12 and this version is available for all the device types.

Compressed version for Windows

If you do not want to download the large file to play this game then you can download the compressed version which is just 632 MB, which means half of the official game file,

The good thing is that players will be able to play all the same missions with the same characters.

Cheats Added to rule Characters

Now download the cheats file and rule all the characters in the game, also the best thing is that you will not lose a game the game too in case you selected any wrong choice.

My Sweet Neighbors FAQs

How to Download My Sweet Neighbors?

To download the game files for any of your devices, you can follow a few simple steps mentioned below.

Follow the steps to download the game

  • Click the Download button on this post.
  • Please wait while the download link is generated.
  • After the link is generated, click on it.
  • Now the game starts downloading to your device.

How to install My Sweet Neighbors Game?

Once you downloaded the game files follow the above steps then by following the below steps you can install the game on your Android and PC.

Follow the steps to install the game on Android

  • Open the file manager then open the Download folder.
  • Click on the apk file then click on the install button.
  • Wait while the game is installed.
  • After completing the installation process.
  • Open the game and enjoy.

Install the game on Windows Device

  • First Unzip the game file.
  • Now open the zipped file.
  • Double-click on the mysweetneighbors.exe file
  • Now the game start

Download My Sweet Neighbors Game for Android, Windows, and Mac

Hope this post helps you to download the latest version of the My Sweet Neighbors including the cheat file, you may also want to download Waifu Hub or Four Elements Trainer

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