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Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer v3.4.1 Download

Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer v3.4.1 Download

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Version v3.2729.1-12
Size18.3 MB
Downloads 1M+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 30-May-2022
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About Colorize Old Photo Colorizer

Do you want to download Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer App for your Android device?

There could be so many situations when you need to fix an old photo that has some minor damage or you may need to colorize a black-and-white photo.

The good thing is that now it is very simple to fix or colorize an old image with just one click,

Earlier if someone wants to fix some damaged image then they must know Photoshop skins or some other image editor skills.

Now in today's world, everything is possible in just one click like fixing an old image or colorizing an old image.

If you also looking for an application that can fix or colorize images then Colorize is an app that you can consider using.

What is Colorize Old Photo Colorizer?

Colorize is the most powerful image colorizing service also it is free to use forever. Colorize is one of the top photo enhancement and photo colorization services, which is 100% based on automatic machine learning.

After continuous training of millions of pictures, it has been able to fully identify the characteristics of nature/architecture/people in different periods, and can automatically identify damaged photos and add missing pixels.

Is Colorize Old Photo Colorizer free to use?

A user can use the app for free at the beginning using the free credits, but if you want to edit more images then you can subscribe to their premium plans which are $6.99 per month or $18.99 per year.

Key Features of Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer

This application comes with so many amazing features which can be used with just one click and the following features are currently supported.
  • Photo scanning - scan photos and save them, providing more possibilities for preservation and online restoration;
  • Colorize - automatically add color to black and white photos, bringing old images new life;
  • Photo Enhance - repair damaged pictures;
  • Retouch the facial details in the blurred photo, and the face will be clearer;
  • Remove scratches and creases from photos;
  • Every feature supports editing, and after uploading the image, you can crop/rotate the photo as you wish.

Download Colorize Old Photo Colorizer

If someone wants to convert their old image to an extraordinary one, also if someone doesn't have enough knowledge about photo editing software like Photoshop, lightroom, etc then they can use this app and convert an old image to a perfect one. 

Hope this post helps you to download the Colorize Old Photo Colorizer app for your Android device,

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