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Waifu Taxi (Various) [Accel Art] Chapter 1-5

Waifu Taxi (Various) [Accel Art] Chapter 1-5


Version 5.2
Size23.7 MB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 20-Feb-2021
Updated on 09-Nov-2022
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Accel Art

About Waifu Taxi

Do you want to Download Waifu Taxi all chapters for your Android and Windows Devices?

Waifu Taxi is a comic series based on a taxi and so many female characters, currently, there is a total of five chapters available of Waifu Taxi comic and you can easily access all of them from our website for free of cost.

The comic contains many female characters, some of which are from famous TV shows like wonder woman,  Raven from teen titans, zero two, and much more.

Also in all the chapters of this waifu taxi, each scene has a taxi driver who comes with his taxi and takes the girls with his taxi.

All the scene is unique and contains different stories, if you played the Waifu Hub game then you must check out this comic because this is the upgraded version of the waifu hub game and I'm sure you don't want to miss out on the amazing storyline of these comic.

This comic comes with some amazing graphics quality, and users can enjoy all the small details which are created by the creator of the waifu taxi comic.

Key Features of Waifu Taxi

If this comic is new to you then you properly thinking if you should invest your valuable time to check out this waifu taxi story,

And to make it easy for you I have mentioned the amazing key features of this newly released waifu taxi,

After reading them all I'm sure you going to change your mind.

Long Storyline (5 Chapters)

The total chapter containing these waifu taxi comics is 5, if you like long stories then this is perfect for you,

On the other hand, you can also download each chapter individually and once you completed the current chapter then you can move on to the next one,

Awesome Graphics Quality

The developer has done a nice job by adding too many small details, and because of this, it takes the user experience to the next level.

If you have a big screen like a laptop or desktop then I highly recommend you to explore the comic on it,

Smartphones and tabs do the job pretty good as well, but, the bigger the screen the better experience you will get.

30+ Unique Characters

After combing all the characters from all five chapters there is a total of more than 30 characters in this wifi taxi, also there is a male character who drives the taxi.

The developer is planning to add so many new characters in the future characters.

We can expect some of them from famous TV shows just like in the previous chapters.

Easy to Access on All Devices

Currently, all users with any device type can access the waifu taxi comic, there is no limitation on the device comparability,

You just need to download the zip file which contained all the scenes in png image format, almost all device support png images which means you can access all the chapters on any of the devices.

Waifu Taxi Frequently Asked Questions

How many Characters are in Waifu Taxi?

If we coming all the characters from all the chapters there will be a total of 30 female characters and 1 male character which is the driver as of now, in the future we can expect the developer going to add so many new characters from famous TV shows.

Does Waifu Taxi have Zero Two?

In chapter two of the Waifu Taxi, the developer has added the famous female character Zero Two, the storyline is short but I'm sure fans of Zero Two going to like the scene.

How many Chapters are there in Waifu Taxi?

There are a total of five chapters available as of now, in a few months, we can expect some more chapters which include new characters, scenes, stories, and much more.

Can I Access Waifu Taxi for free?

Anyone with a good internet connection and a smartphone or PC can access Waifu Taxi for free of cost, all you need is to download the game files from our site which is in the zip format, which means you need to unzip it first, after decompressing the file you can easily access also the chapters.

I hope this post helps you to download the waifu taxi for all of your devices, you can also download similar games like Summertime Saga or Milfy City.

For all the new game updates you can follow us on our Facebook page, and for tutorials make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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