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House Chores Beta [v0.11] (Siren) Download

House Chores Beta [v0.11] (Siren) Download

House Chores Beta

Version v0.11 Beta
Size830 MB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 20-Feb-2021
Updated on 27-Nov-2022
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About House Chores Beta

Do you want to download the house chores beta for your Android and Windows Devices?

If you download this game that means you have already played some of the famous visual novel games like Harem HotelMilfy City, Haileys Treasure Adventure, and much more.

House Chores is one of them and comes with so many interesting stories, characters, and many more interesting features.

The Storyline of Chores Beta

House Chores Beta game is based on a vacation storyline in which the main charters played by the player, visit a big hotel to spend their summer vacation.

A few days later someone close to him visited the hotel but behaved in a much different manner than the main character.

The situation gets worst when two unexpected guests come in and live in the same hotel, because of this the main character's summer vacation gets messed up.

Features of House Chores Beta

To make it simple for the users who want to download and play house chores beta, we have mentioned all the awesome features that this game provides,

You can check them all below and decide whether you should download this game or not.

Add new Stories Regularly

The game developer of the house chores beta which is Siren is working really hard to add new stories to this game,

Currently Siren has released more the 11+ new versions of this game each version is better than the previous version, and the current version which is v0.11 contains so many amazing features with new stories.

Free to Play FOREVER

House Chores Beta is an open-source game and free to play forever, which means anyone can download the game for their Android and Windows devices and play it for free.

Players didn't need to pay money to play this game,

On the other hand, if the user wishes to support the game developer then they can become a Patreon member and support the house chores beta game developers.

Multiple Device Support

Now the user can play the same game on multiple devices, and the house chores beta can be played on Android as well as on Windows with the same storyline and graphics.

If you want to enjoy the game on a much bigger screen like a Windows computer then you can download the game files for that device and enjoy small details.

Access the Latest version Earlier

The beta version allows the user to download and play the game which going to be released in the future,

House Course Beta version v0.11 is currently available for users who want to download and explore all the game features before the game is released.

House Chores Beta Frequently Asked Questions

To clear all the doubts about the frequently asked question we have mentioned all the answers for Frequently Asked Questions about this game. 

What is the latest version of House Chores Beta?

The current beta version of this game is version v0.1 which is available on this page, user can download the game file from this post and run the game without any problem. 

Can I run House Chores Beta on Android?

The good news is that the developer has made this game for Android devices as well, which means any user with an Android device can play the game without any problem.

What is the size of House Chores Beta?

The total size of the house chores game is 783 MB, users need to have at least 2 GB of free storage to run the game on their device.

House Chores beta is an amazing game with interesting stories, If you looking for a visual novel game then you can download and play the game without any worries.

If this post helps you to download the game that you looking for then make sure to share this post with your friends so that they can also enjoy all the newly released visual novel games for free of cost.

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