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Corrupted Kingdoms v0.19.0a [THEARCADEAN] (Patch)

Corrupted Kingdoms v0.19.0a [THEARCADEAN] (Patch)

corrupted kingdoms

Version v0.19.0a
Size1.38 GB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 02-Jun-2017
Updated on 25-Oct-2023

About Corrupted Kingdoms

Do you want to Download the latest version of the Corrupted Kingdoms game for your Android, Windows, and Mac devices?

This is a perfect game for those who love to play games whose storyline contains magical and monster characters, items and so many unique things.

If you also looking for a similar game then Corrupted Kingdoms is the game that you can definitely download on your device.

The game has some amazing and unique storylines which are based on monster girls who offer magical powers to the main characters of the Corrupted Kingdoms game.

Corrupted Kingdoms is available for Android, Windows, and Mac devices so if you have any one of the devices from all three then you can download and play the game with so issue.

Storyline of Corrupted Kingdoms

The main story of this game is based on a male character name "Robin Goodfellow" who is on a mission to take revenge or justice for his mother.

The story begins with Robin settling into his new flat, where he is attacked by an unknown creature. A mysterious girl comes to his rescue, and Robin wakes up in a strange place attended to by a horned girl who fetches her mistress.

He is totally shocked by the incident that happened to him,

After some time later Robin starts to experience a strange sensation that leads him to an astral project into another room where he observes five monster girls having a conversation.

He is discovered eavesdropping and wakes up before Morgana, a key character in this game, enters to speak with him.

Robin becomes partnered with Pixie, and they are linked by artifact energy, meaning Pixie cannot leave his side without causing his death.

Morgana gives Robin a mission to use his newfound power, and control, to prove his worth by forcing his will upon prey.

To find prey, Robin can go to the bar nearby his location in the afternoon and meet Lily, though visiting the bar in the morning allows him to raise his charisma.

After using control on Lily, the farm unlocks, where he can increase his physical abilities and meet characters named Annie and Kana.

After being summoned by Morgana again, Robin is assigned a mission to go to town and acquire an item. Researching on his laptop unlocks the church,

Where the item is located. Returning to the flat after visiting Morgana, Robin encounters Emma, his neighbor.

Visiting the church during the day introduces Robin to a strange nun and provides a new lead. At night, Robin can search for the relic in the church, and upon reporting back to Morgana, an intimate scene occurs.

The game has currently more the 11 female characters some of their name are mentioned below,
  • Jessica
  • Kana
  • Lily
  • Luna
  • Lyx
  • Madison
  • Morgana
  • Pixie
  • Qarinah
  • Roxy
  • Veronica

In the upcoming story, you will uncover so many mysterious things that happened to Robin in the Corrupted Kingdoms,

I highly recommend you download the game files according to your device type and continue the game and help Robin by playing his role in this game.

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Corrupted Kingdoms is a wonderful game that comes with amazing graphics quality and the good thing is that this game is available on multiple devices because of this you won't face any problems while playing the game.

As I mentioned before if you love to play games which has a magical story and elements then this is the game you should play.

Corrupted Kingdom's game size is not too high and not too low the size of the game is just 1.3 GB which you can download from this game.

I hope this post helps you to download the Corrupted Kingdoms for your device types, the game is also available on Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

If you like this post then be sure to share it with your friends so that they can also download the game and enjoy the amazing gameplay content.

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