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Dragon Ball Legends v4.31.0 [MOD Menu, Unlocked]

Dragon Ball Legends v4.31.0 [MOD Menu, Unlocked]

dragon ball legends mod

Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Size 86 MB
Version v4.31.0

Want to download the Dragon Ball Legends game with MOD Menu features?

Dragon Ball Legends is a popular mobile fighting game based on the Dragon Ball anime and manga series. Developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment,

It was first released in Japan in May 2018 and subsequently made available worldwide for both iOS and Android smartphones, In this post, you will learn about the Android version of this game including all the MOD features it has.

Dragon Ball Legends has a story mode that features an original storyline set in the Dragon Ball universe. Players follow the adventures of Shallot, an original Saiyan character, as he explores the world of Dragon Ball and encounters familiar characters from the series.

Dragon Ball Legends Gameplay

Dragon Ball Legends offers real-time, 3D fighting gameplay that allows players to engage in intense battles using a team of three characters from the Dragon Ball universe.

Players can perform various moves, including melee attacks, energy blasts, and powerful special moves, by swiping and tapping on the screen.

dragon ball legends mod

The game features a card-based combat system, where players collect and build a deck of special attack cards that they can use during battles.

Online PvP (Player versus Player) mode allows players to battle against each other in real-time, testing their skills against other players from around the world.

Game Characters

The game boasts a wide roster of characters from various Dragon Ball series, including Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball GT.

Characters are categorized by rarity, and players can collect and upgrade them to improve their stats and abilities.

Dragon Ball Legends regularly introduces new events, challenges, and banners featuring limited-time characters and content.

The game frequently receives updates to balance gameplay, introduce new characters, and improve overall performance.

The game includes features for players to join and create guilds, as well as participate in community events and tournaments.

It also has a friend system, allowing players to connect with and challenge their friends in battles.

How is Dragon Ball Legends MOD?

The MOD version of this game offers additional features which is not accessible to regular users. One of the primary benefits of playing the MOD version is the presence of a menu option that allows you to exert control over the game, granting you abilities like infinite health, unlocked powers, and various other advantages.

Using these features increases your likelihood of winning the game. However, it's crucial to bear in mind that employing any form of modification (MOD) while playing violates the game's rules, which may result in your game account being banned.

Is Dragon Ball Legends Offline?

This game has two ways to play: online and offline.

  • In offline mode, you play against computer-controlled opponents (bots).
  • In online mode, you can play with real people.


If you love Dragon Ball cartoons, playing this game will make you feel nostalgic. It has all the characters, stories, and many other things from the Dragon Ball animated series.

Hope now you can enjoy all the amazing features of Dragon Ball Legends including the MOD menu, To download the upcoming updated version you can bookmark this post.

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