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Virtual Succubus v41 [Succudev] (Full Game) Android | PC

Virtual Succubus v41 [Succudev] (Full Game) Android | PC

virtual succubus

Publisher Succudev
Size 301 MB
Version v41

Virtual Succubus is an Android and Windows game that falls into the Visual Novel category of video games or interactive experiences that center around the concept of succubi.

Succubi are mythological or folklore creatures often depicted as seductive, female demons or spirits that seduce and engage with humans, typically in the context of mature encounters.

These games typically incorporate elements of fantasy, romance, and sometimes erotica, and they often target adult audiences due to their explicit content.

In the game, you will have access to so many different customization options which you can enable and disable as per your requirements,

The developer of the virtual succubus mentioned that there are more than 300+ toys available in the game that can be used on the main character while in a session, all the toys and other elements will be unlocked and you can access them to complete any kind of task.

On the website this game received more than 650+ positive reviews which indicates that this game is being loved by other players because of this you must download and play this game on your Android smartphone or on a Windows PC. 

Virtual Succubus Features

Fantasy and Erotica

Virtual succubus game feature fantasy settings and erotic themes. Players may engage in romantic or mature activities with succubi characters.

As a result, these games are typically intended for mature or 18+ players and often contain explicit mature content.

Interactive Storytelling

Virtual Succubus game is presented as visual novels or interactive stories. Players make choices throughout the game, leading to branching storylines and different outcomes.

The choices players make can impact the relationships and interactions they have with succubi characters.

This choices feature can be also used in beneficial ways, for example, if you complete the whole game then again you can play the game but this time you can select different choices that you have not before.

Character Relationships

This game usually places a strong emphasis on developing relationships with succubi characters.

Players may have the opportunity to romance, form alliances with, or even battle succubi, depending on the game's narrative and mechanics.

Role-Playing Elements

In this game, you can incorporate role-playing game (RPG) elements. Players may assume the role of a character who encounters succubi within a larger game world.

This can include leveling up, combat, and exploration alongside the narrative elements.

Art and Visuals

High-quality artwork and visuals are often a key aspect of virtual succubus games. These games may include well-designed characters, environments, and scenes to enhance the player's immersion.

Varied Themes

While succubus-themed games often focus on erotic content, the tone and themes can vary widely. Some games approach the subject matter with seriousness and explore deeper narratives, while others may adopt a more lighthearted or comedic approach.

Platform and Accessibility

Virtual succubus games may not be available on mainstream gaming platforms due to their explicit content.

Players interested in these games may need to look for them on niche platforms, websites, or as downloadable content.

Minimum Game Requirement

To get the best and smoothly gaming experience while playing the game make sure your device has the minimum requirements as I mentioned below:

Storage2 GB
5 GB
Processor2.3+ GHz Clock Speed2.5+ GHz Clock Speed
OSAndroid 7+Windows 11,
MacOS 10+

Where to Download Virtual Succubus?

The official four platforms for downloading this game are Patreon,, Subscribestar, and Fansly, by making a one-time payment of $10 + Tax you can purchase the game for all device types and start the game.

On the other hand, all the official latest game files are available on this game which you can download and play for free without purchasing this game.

How to Install Virtual Succubus Game?

Once you downloaded the game files according to your device type you can easily install them on your device such as Android, Windows, and Mac.


1. Open the file manager app and look for the Download Apk file.

2. Click on the game Apk file then click on the install option.

3. Wait while the game file is installed.

4. Once the installation process is completed click on the open option.

5. Now you can start playing the game.


1. Unzip the downloaded file (You can use rar to unzip the file).

2. Open the extracted folder then look for the game file (with .exe extension)

3. To start the game Double click on the game file.

4. Now the game starts and you can play the game

Apple Mac:

1. Unzip the downloaded game file (double-click to unzip the file).

2. Open the extracted folder by double-clicking on it.

3. Now again double click on the game file.

4. The game starts working and you can now start playing the game.


Virtual Succubus is one of the games when it comes to playing a game that falls into the visual novel category, on the other hand, there are so many similar games available on our website such as Doraemon X or Fap Nights At Frennis which you can download and play for free once you complete this game.

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