Thursday, December 28, 2023

FIFA 24 PPSSPP (ISO FILE) (Compressed) Download

FIFA 24 PPSSPP (ISO FILE) (Compressed) Download


Publisher Electronic Arts
Size 578 MB
Version v4.2.0


You can get FIFA 24 on Android now! Previously we've shared a post on how to download the game file and play it on your Android device.

Many of you want to play this game on the PPSSPP emulator so today you will learn how can you download the FIFA 24 ISO and play on a PPSSPP emulator app.


First thing you need to make sure that this is not an official release of FIFA 24 for PPSSPP, the developer has not released any official version of the FIFA 24 game for the PPSSPP emulator.

There are so many football fans on the internet to create this fan-made game that offers all the features and graphics the same as the official game.

And the good thing is that you can able to play the game with your friends locally with the help of the multiplayer option.

You can choose and play with various football characters from recent real-world games in the match.

Key Elements of FIFA 24 PPSSPP

Learn about this game by exploring a detailed section highlighting its key elements and top features.

Enhanced Graphics and Textures

FIFA PPSSPP games aim to provide visually appealing graphics, striving to replicate the quality of the original PSP version.


If you have a high-end Android mobile then you can get a smoother and better gameplay experience with these graphics and texture of the character.

Game Modes

As you know most of the FIFA games, PPSSPP versions typically include various game modes such as Career Mode, Tournament Mode, and Exhibition Matches.

You can join these game modes and get involved in Tournament and team battles for more fun.

Teams and Players

In the FIFA 24 PPSSPP game, you receive a wide range of teams from different leagues worldwide, and players can select their favorite teams and players.

As the update release of this game, you will be able to select more characters and use them in your team and play matches with the opponent's team.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay is designed to simulate real football, with controls adapted for the PSP system and the PPSSPP emulator.

PPSSPP Gold offers one of the best controls for playing any kind of FIFA game, you can also customize the control options as per your needs and comparability.

Commentary and Soundtrack

Most of the FIFA games often include commentary during matches and a soundtrack to enhance the gaming experience.

These elements are also present in the PPSSPP version of this game as well, if you are not able to access this feature by default then you can enable it from the setting option.


Now invite other local play your friends or family members to play the FIFA PPSSPP game, because this version of this game supports multiplayer modes, allowing you to play against friends locally.

Make sure you have the latest version of the PPSSPP Gold emulator app on both devices also the game file should be the same.


If you want to have some extra options in your game then you can download the PPSSPP version of this game and get the experience of playing football with a big team, the game is free to download from this game you can use the download link to download the latest version of this game.

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