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XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk v3.7.4 [Latest] Download

XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk v3.7.4 [Latest] Download

XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk

Publisher Unknown
Size 49 MB
Version v3.7.4

About X Videostudio Video Editor Apk2

Are you in search of X Videostudio Video Editor APK2 for your Android smartphone? Now get the latest version of this app for your smartphone from this post.

A few years back I published an article about an amazing video editor app that is available on Android devices.

Many years later the developer came up with a new version of this app and you can use this application to edit your videos and upload them on popular social media platforms.

XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk screenshot

One of the great things about this X Videostudio Video Editor APK2 is that this is a freemium application meaning you don't need to pay to use this app.

Downloading and using this application is free and you are not required to have a premium membership to use this application.

As you know nowadays a trend has begun of short videos which means on multiple video and social media platforms.

This means having a video editor is a must in today's time, most video editors on Windows PCs and Apple Macs require a one-time fee or a monthly subscription because of this many users cannot afford that video editor.

XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk screenshot

As I mentioned before you didn't need to pay one-time fees or for multiple subscriptions to use this application.

XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk is an open-source application which means it is free to download and use application.

Also, you don't need to have professional video editing skills like professional, even if you know basic editing you can easily use this app.

Key Elements of XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk

All New Features and Elements

The developer of this app has added some of the great features of this app, all these features and elements could be used to take your normal video to the next level.

Just like the app all the available Features and Elements in this application could be used free of cost.

With the help of these tools and elements, you can create next-level videos and gain many social media platforms.

Free Download and Use

As I mentioned earlier in the post X Videostudio Video Editor Apk2 is an open-source application because of this you can download the apk file for free of cost.

Use the available download button available on this page to download the latest apk file of the app for your Android device without doing any kind of survey or verification.

Green Screen (Chroma Key)

This feature enables users to replace a solid-colored background with a different video or image, commonly used for special effects.

If you use green screen videos a lot or remove background a lot then this chroma key feature will help you to remove the unwanted background on your video in a few clicks.

The Green Screen feature is useful if you want to add special effects with a green or different-colored background and remove it.

Multi-track Editing

You can work with multiple layers or tracks of video and audio, allowing for more complex editing and overlaying of different elements.

For those of you who create videos with multiple elements, layers, sound effects, and more this multi-track editing feature will make your editing experience smoother and easier.

Motion Graphics and Animation

This section in this XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk allows you to create motion graphics and animations to add dynamic elements to the video.

There are multiple pre-build motion graphics and animations available in the app that you can use directly from the app without requiring you to build new graphics from scratch.

The developer of the X Videostudio Video Editor Apk2 will add more graphics and animation in the upcoming updates.


A visual representation of the video's sequence helps in planning and organizing the content before editing.

If you are making storytelling videos then this Storyboarding feature helps you maintain and help you to edit your video.

No WaterMarks

Once your videos are exported, there won't be any watermarks visible. This excellent feature, typically exclusive to premium apps, is now available for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk?

This mobile application allows users to edit and manipulate videos directly on their Android devices. It offers features like cutting, trimming, adding effects, and more.

Is X Videostudio Video Editor Apk2 free to use?

Yes, you can use this application for free of cost without paying for this app or for any premium membership, Use the download link available on this page to get the latest version of this app.

Can I Add Music to My Videos Using this Video Editor?

Yes, these video editors allow you to add music or audio tracks to your videos. You can also choose from built-in music libraries or use their own audio files.

Is it Possible to Edit Videos in High-Resolution Video using this App?

You can edit videos that have a resolution of up to 4K using this Android application But also make sure that you get a Good Android smartphone with great specs in it.

Do these video editors support the Green Screen (Chroma Key) feature?

The X Videostudio Video Editor Apk2 app can help you edit videos with green screen backgrounds. You just need to use the chroma key feature in the app to get rid of any background you don't want.

Can I Export and Share Edited Videos Directly from Android Video Editors?

There is a feature that you can use to Export and share edited videos directly from your Android smartphone to any other device.

Are there watermarks in videos edited with free Android video editors?

No, your video will not get any kind of watermark after the video is exported.


If you looking for a video editor app that can handle high-resolution videos make sure you consider using XVideostudio Video Editor Pro Apk on your Andorid device, As you can see I have mentioned all the amazing features this app offers to the users.

Once you downloaded and started using the app make sure to share this post with your friends so that they can also able to use this amazing app.

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