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Pale Carnations (Ch. 4 Update 3) [Mutt & Jeff] Android | PC

Pale Carnations (Ch. 4 Update 3) [Mutt & Jeff] Android | PC

Pale Carnations

Publisher Muff & Jeff
Size 7.64 GB
Version Ch. 4 Update 3

About Pale Carnations

Are you in search of the Pale Carnations game files for your Android, Windows, or Mac device? If so then from this post you will able to download the current latest version of this game.

Pale Carnations is a role-playing game that falls under the visual novel genre and in this game, you will be playing the role of a young male character who is a pre-med student.

A developer named Patreon "Mutt & Jeff" building this game and there are a total of 4 chapters of this game available.

Pale Carnations

The first chapter of this game was released on 17 Apr 2020 and during this year the developer has added multiple elements while maintaining the storyline flow throughout the game chapters of Pale Carnations.

If you want to play the game officially and authentically, you can join as a Patreon member by subscribing to the Mutt & Jeff monthly plan.

  • 1$ for Silver Club Member
  • 5$ for a Gold Club Member
  • 10$ for Platinum Club Member
  • 50$ for Club Owner

But if you don't have the budget to buy this game then play then do not worry because you can play the game for free of cost by using the download links available above on this page.

Before downloading the game let's take a look at the Pale Carnation's storyline.

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Pale Carnations Storyline

At the beginning of the game, you play as a pre-med student trying to stay focused on her studies for her bright future.

But one day one of your old friends leads you into a wild world of parties and temptation at the Carnation Club, and now you're slowly distracted from your career path and your future is at risk.

While playing this game you have to decide whether to stick to your morals or dive into the club's lavish lifestyle.

Along the way, you'll navigate through some risky and steamy situations. Will you choose money and pleasure over what's right? Or will you find love and leave it all behind?

It's all up to you now because you're the main character of this game, and everything is in your hands, so play the game and make decisions carefully.

Key Features of Pale Carnations

Free to Play on All Devices

Now you can download the game files on multiple platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

You can use the download link available above to download the game files according to your device type.

Once you have the game file on your device, you can start playing without any issues or needing to subscribe to a premium membership.

4 Chapters to Explore

There are four chapters available to download and play in this game. Once you finish playing Chapter 1, you can move on to the next chapter, and then continue to the next until you complete the fourth chapter.

Because the game has multiple chapters to play you will be able to experience the game for a long time.

Walkthrough Guide

The good thing about this game is that the developer of the Pale Carnations game has created a walkthrough guide pdf file for the newbie player which they can follow and start playing the game.

When you will be downloading the game file from this page you can use the download link for the walkthrough guide to get the pdf guide of this game.

Gallery Unlock MOD

If you've played visual novel games before, you might be familiar with the gallery section. This section allows you to access featured images and videos from the game, all available in high quality.

Similar features are available in the game, but you need to play and complete the missions to unlock those sections.

Now, with the help of the MOD unlocker file, you can unlock all these chapters for free with just a click.

Final Word

Now you know the complete process of downloading and installation process of this game and also how can you download the game file from this post for free of cost.

Also, remember to download the Walkthrough Guide PDF and galley unlocker MOD file in order to play the gameplay more fun to play.

Once you start playing the game be sure to share this post with your friends so that they can also able to download and play this game on their device.

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