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Five Nights in Anime 3D (2.0 BETA) [Vyprae] Download

Five Nights in Anime 3D (2.0 BETA) [Vyprae] Download

Five Nights in Anime 3D game

Publisher Vyprae
Size 970 MB
Version v2.0 Beta


Five Nights in Anime 3D - This is a horror survival game inspired by the FNAF original game.

The developer makes this game very much a visual novel game in which your role is to watch the night and avoid getting caught by animatronics.

Playing this game is simple and requires no technical knowledge, for example, you just need to use a mouse, and pretty much every time you need to point and click during gameplay.

Once you open the game for the first time you will see yourself as a security guard who's job is to sit at a small office and watch the whole night.

During the gameplay most of the time you can keep yourself entertained by reading mangas, watching animes, and discussing characters in mangas.

The gameplay gets more interesting when the time shifts from day to night and all the animatronics start to interact with you.

The worst thing is that you are all alone in your small office and you are the only one who has a limited amount of power, not the animatronics.

In the Five Nights in Anime 3D game, you can use different strategies to avoid getting caught by the animatronics and knock them.

The new beta version of this game has many new features than the previous version, features and highlights like the new storyline, new animatronics characters, improved UI, inbuild cheat enabled, and much much more.

The current latest version of this game has 4.6 out of 5 and the fan base of this game is also big because of this you can get assurance that the developer will release a new version frequently and 1 update each month.

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Highlights Five Nights in Anime 3D

Beta Version

The beta version of this game allows you to play the game with some more extra features which is not available for all the players right now.

You can download the beta version or in simple words early version by downloading the game file and running it on your Windows PC.

Soon in upcoming months, the developer will release a new platform support which could be Android and Apple Mac so be sure to check this post frequently to get access to the Android and Mac versions.

Updated Graphics Quality

The developer has improved the quality of the graphics from the old to brand new textures, now the game looks so realistic and better during the gameplay.

Get your hand at the latest version of this game by downloading the apk file from this page so that you can also access the new texture and improved graphics.

Add New Skins

In the latest Beta versions, the game developer has introduced us to the new skins which make the gameplay more fun to play.

Players can now apply skins to the animatronics or on the main characters for better gameplay.

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