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My Best Deal v3.1 [Pirot King] Download | Android/PC

My Best Deal v3.1 [Pirot King] Download | Android/PC

My Best Deal game

Publisher Pirot King
Size 4.45 GB
Version v3.1


The storyline of the My Best Deal starts when a guy is trying to save a girl from an accident unfortunately the guy gets into an accident instead and dies.

As the storyline of the game moves on you will see that the guy who was trying to save the girl has superpowers and she uses her power to give the guy his life back.

She saves the guy because the goddess herself needs his help and this is the reason the girl decided to make the guy alive again.

In the game,  you will see many magical elements and superpowers, and the storyline of the game is mostly based on goddesses and girls with magical powers.

One of the key features of this game is relationship development with each character, My Best Deal game has many characters and with each of them, you can build relationships.

This game was only available for Windows and Mac devices but now the developer has released an official Android port which means you can play the game on an Android mobile and access all the features that are available on a Windows PC.

If you love playing games that offer thrilling plots and unique branches of relationship building then this is the game for you.

Download and play the game on your Android and other devices access experience being a guy who has connections with Goddess.

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