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Lustful Spirit Hunt v0.1.2.9 [LAGS] Download Android/PC

Lustful Spirit Hunt v0.1.2.9 [LAGS] Download Android/PC

Lustful Spirit Hunt apk

Publisher LAGS
Size 197 MB
Version v0.1.2.9


Lustful Spirit Hunt Game - is about visiting various haunted places to capture ghosts, if you like playing horror games then you going to love to play this game, here is what you need to know about this game before downloading it.

The player will be playing the role you a guy and "Ted" also known as "Taichi", he is a passionate ghost hunter who loves to visit haunted places.

Ted also has an assistant named "Luna" also known as "Tsukiko" She helps Ted in difficult situations and motivates him when Ted is not in the mood to visit haunted places.

While playing the game player and his assistant can visit many places where people think they could find ghosts, do not feel shy to get from your assistant Luna when you are in difficult situations.

When players launch the game for the first time they will see that the main character has just been discharged from the hospital because he had an accident during his previous visit to haunted places.

But now you are all well and ready for your next mission so get yourleft ready and start your next ghost haunt.

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Gameplay And Storyline

The gameplay of the Lustful Spirit Hunt revolves around investigating different rooms to locate the haunted areas and gathering evidence to determine the type of ghost present.

Each ghost has unique behaviors and characteristics, such as leaving puddles on the ground or moving heavy furniture, which you must observe to identify them accurately.

Once you've collected enough evidence and identified the ghost type, you need to figure out how to capture it.

You can make different strategies and plans to capture the ghost you find.

Some ghosts can only be captured during a hunt, while others require specific tools or methods. You can purchase these tools using Luna, the in-game currency.

During a ghost hunt, you must use the appropriate tools available in the game to reveal the ghost's true form and then capture it within a limited time frame.

This involves filling up a climax bar by adjusting your speed to match a heart icon, indicating the intensity of the encounter. Once the climax bar is full, the ghost is captured, and you can end the investigation.

Highlights of Lustful Spirit Hunt

Unique Horror Storyline

The developer chose to make the game storyline more scary so that the player gets interesting and fun gameplay.

For those of you who love suspense, this is the game best fit for you.

Easy Controls

You can easily navigate through the different game locations available in the game using the easy controls available in the game.

Also capturing and combating a ghost has now also become simple and easy.

Sound Effects and Animations

The sound effects and animations really take the gameplay to the next level, these two elements make the gameplay more fun and satisfying.

Be sure to play the game by downloading the game files using the link available above.

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