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Syahata a Bad Day (beta v0.88.5) [JaShinn] Download Latest

Syahata a Bad Day (beta v0.88.5) [JaShinn] Download Latest

Syahata a Bad Day apk

Publisher JaShinn
Size 578 MB
Version v0.88.5


Syahata a Bad Day - This is an action game where you have to survive and protect yourself from zombies.

Jashinn4264 is the name of the developer of this game and he is from Japan because of this much of the text in the game is in Japanese, But you do not need to worry about language because most of the text on the game is written in English and you can understand them easily.

The game follows a basic 2D pixel side-scrolling mechanic and you will be playing the role of a young Japanese girl character in the game.

Throughout the game you need to do your best in order to escape from the current place you are stuck in, the more you stay in the building the more zombies will attack you and the chances of losing the game will be higher.

The good thing is you can use the fighting skills of the girl and other weapons available in the building such as Guns, batons, and others.

Mechanics of the Syahata a Bad Day game offers challenges such as you will have limited health, Limited run Ammo, batons breaking after some use, and so on.

During the gameplay you have to be smart and use all the resources available in the game smartly otherwise you will be losing the game again and again.

Once you complete the whole game then you can play the beta version in which you can access some of the earlier features like a new map (forest), new 3 types of enemies, a new zombie boss, weapons, and more.

To access some extra features then you can download the paid version of this game which includes Slime Girl Game Over animations, console command functionality, and more.

In order to access all the features available in the beta and the paid version you can download the game file from this page and start playing the game.

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Noteworthy Elements of Syahata a Bad Day

Pixel art Graphics

The developer of this game has tried to give a classic game look and he does it by adding Pixel art Graphics, If you played any old game then this game will help you bring old memories back.

Challenging Game

All the Missions in challenging and fun to play and as you progress more into the game it will give you have option to access more challenging missions.

Different Weapons

There are so many weapons added to the game like guns, batons, sticks, and more, use them smartly to knock out all the zombies coming to bite you.

More Features in Beta

Access to some of the great features has been added by the developer in the beta version you can access them by downloading the beta version of this game.

Now you can download the latest beta version of this game from this post for free of cost.

End Game Animations

The paid version of Syahata a Bad Day has multiple animations and you can access them first you need to download the paid version, This is a special game that is only available to the users to purchase the game.

Access Terminal

If you played visual games before then you know them all those games have a terminal in which you can run different commands to activate certain features, similarly, this game also allows you to open a terminal and run some cheat codes to unlock extra features.

And that's all you need to know about this game, Hope I helps you to explain the storyline of the game and all the great features.

Using the above link you can download the game latest game files for your Android and PC device.

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