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PES 2021 PPSSPP (PS5 Camera) Download for Android

PES 2021 PPSSPP (PS5 Camera) Download for Android

pes 2021 ppsspp

Version 2021
Size1.3 GB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 21-Jul-1995
Updated on 15-Sep-2020
Offered by Konami

About PES 2021 PPSSPP

Do you want to download PES 2021 PPSSPP and play on the PPSSPP Android emulator?

PES 2021 PPSSPP is an updated version of the old PES soccer game, which was released several years ago on the Sony PlayStation. But finally, after a long wait, it has been released and is ready to play on Android devices.

If you want to know how you can download and play PESSPP on Android on PPSSPP, then keep reading this article. I will tell you all about this game how you can download it, the best settings for PPSSPP, and how to install it on your Android phone without any problems.

Before downloading and installing the game, let's see what you are going to do in this game, such as new features, full stadium view, PS4 camera, all new textures, better graphics, and more.

We will talk about all the features one by one in 2021,

PES 2021 PPSSPP Android Offline

First of all, I want to tell you that this game is still not been officially released for Android, but there are many ways to run this game on your Android phone,

And the best way is to use an emulator, Emulator is an application that is used to run PlayStation games on the smartphone there are many emulators available on the internet but the famous and which I personally prefer is PPSSPP Gold by Henrik RydgÄrd.

But the problem with this PPSSPP emulator is that you can only play PS1 and PS2 games on this emulator, But don't worry, you can still play PES 2021 on your Android device with original graphics and textures.

One thing I want to mention about this emulator is that this application is not free, you have to pay $ 4.99 to download PPSSPP. But don't worry I will provide you for free and the best thing is that it is offline.

Also, remember that your Android device should have a minimum of 2 GB RAM and 1.5 GB of free space to run this game smoothly and without any issues.

Features of PES 2021 PPSSPP

Close and Wide Camera

Now you can select as per your choice whether you want to play the game in close camera view or in wide camera view, like in PS4.

To use this feature you can place Savedata which you can download from this post,

As I said before this is just a modified version of the PES 2020, but still, it feels like a real one.

Full Stadium View

Using the full stadium view you will able to play the game on the wide camera, this feature is only available on the PlayStation gaming console but now this will work in the PPSSPP android as well.

This feature may help full if you want a full view of the stadium or want to see the opponent team's player from afar.

But if you don't like to play PES 2021 PPSSPP in full stadium view then just delete the MOD save data from your PSP folder, you can also check the tutorial given below.

New Background and Display

After downloading the latest PES 2021 PPSSPP for your Android device you will able to see a new character selector panel, background, and display including all-new features.

In the new background, the audience will be going to look better than in the previous version just like the PlayStation version.

On the other hand, if you don't like the texture of the background then you can apply the other one by downloading it from our site or creating a new one by yourself.

Face and Hair Updated (200+)

If you ever this game on a PC or any other gaming console then you know that the player's face and hair look pretty real and the best thing is that you can change it by yourself as well.

Changing the color of the hair is super easy, you just need to go to the customize section and then select the player which you want to customize, after selecting the character click on the hair option and select the style and color which you link.

Just like this, you can change the face color and texture according to your choice.

Championship League

The best and the most amazing feature in the PES 2021 PPSSPP I like is the championship league, Why? Because in this mode you will able to complete the championship league mission and after completing all the mini-league you going to compete in the championship league after winning the league you will get a trophy.

But there are two leagues inside this game, let's see the difference between both them.

UEFA Champions League

In the UEFA champions league, the players and team members are especially from the UEFA League.

UEFA Europa League

In the same way, the players and the team members of the UEFA Europa League are especially from UEFA.

Graphics Improved (Full HD)

Now the game supports full HD graphics you just need to download the PPSSPP Gold for better and smooth gameplay.

While playing the game you can notice the player and audience look real and in full HD. and ground and other things also look pretty good.

To play the game in FHD and Smoothly make sure to do the correct setting of your PPSSPP gold emulator.

English Commentary (With Subtitle)

As I said before this is the original PES 2021 which you can play on any smartphone, So just the real PES in this game you going to see the commentary in the English language and also with the subtitle that you want more than this.

Subtitles can be changed to your liking, whether you want to make them bold, italic, or change color.

Accessories Updated

As I said before many of the things have been updated like the Background, Graphics, and many other things. But you can also notice that minor things like football, player's boot, jersey, and many other micro things have been improved.

Some details are very small and hard to notice but they make a lot of difference, check out the below list of thing which is updated in the game. 

List of Minor Updated Things

  • Ball
  • Boots
  • shorts
  • jersey
  • Helmet
  • Football field
  • And More+

Can I Play a PES 2021 PPSSPP on my Android offline?

Of course, You can play PES 2021 football game on your Android phone for free and it is offline, To play this game you just need to download any PPSSPP emulator on your Android and then download the ISO file from our site.

For the Installation process check the given detail video given below.

Requirement for PES 2021 PPSSPP Android

To run this game without frame drop and lag, you really need a good smartphone with a minimum of 2 GB RAM and a minimum of 2 GB of free storage with the latest processor. Check the given table for minimum and recommended requirements.

Minimum  Recommended
2 GB Ram 4 GB Ram
2 GB Storage 3 GB Storage
PPSSPP Emulator PPSSPP Emulator (Gold)

How to Install PES 2021 PPSSPP on Android?

The installation process is very easy, just follow the given steps and you will be able to play the game on an Android smartphone.

1. Download the game file then extract the file using any app, Use Zarchiver for a better experience.

2. Select the extracted file and cut and move it into your internal device.

3. If you already have a "PSP" folder then make sure to replace it, just like in the screenshot.

4. After moving the folder open any PPSSPP emulator, I'm using PPSSPP Gold which you can download from this post.

5. Open the emulator and search for the game, In some cases, if you are not able to find the game then search for the game in the PSP folder.

6. Now you successfully play the game with the commentary feature and many other amazing features.

Why does my PES 2021 PPSSPP keep crashing?

To resolve the crashing problem ensure that your Android device is compatible with the minimum requirement, and on the other hand, make sure the emulator you are using is up to date with the latest version.

Also, make sure to clear the RAM from your Android device using any inbuild cleaner or any third-party RAM cleaner.

Can I Play PES 2021 PPSSPP without the Internet?

All games running on the PPSSPP emulator do not require the internet to play games, you just need the internet while downloading the game. Because of that, you do not need an internet connection to play this game even though you can play this game offline.

Can I run PES 2021 PPSSPP in Multiplayer Mode?

Sure you can play PES 2021 PPSSPP with your friends after downloading it, Just connect both Android devices using Hotspot or Wi-Fi open the game, and start to playing multiplayer mode with your friends.

I hope this post helps you to download the PES 2021 PPSSPP Android offline, you may also want to download the God of War Chains of Olympus for PPSSPP.

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