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ibis Paint X Pro Apk v8.1.1 (MOD) Download for Android

ibis Paint X Pro Apk v8.1.1 (MOD) Download for Android

ibis Paint X Pro Apk

Version v8.1.1
Size MB
Downloads 100M+
Released on 27-Feb-2014
Updated on1 30-Nov-2020
Offered by ibis inc

  1. ibis paint x mod apk

About ibis Paint X Pro

Do you want to download ibis Paint X Pro Apk for your Android device?

ibis Paint X Pro is a drawing app where you can draw and create your own cartoon characters, designs, logos, and also draw portraits.

The best thing about this app is so smooth and works very fine while drawing anything on it, If your work is to draw anime then I highly recommend you to download this app.

ibis Paint X has so many useful tools that you can use while drawing anything in this app.

You will get a super smooth experience while using the app and the secret of the smoothness is 60 fps, which means you will get up to 60 fps while drawing anything in this app.

Although if you have a low-end device still you will able to use ibis Paint X Pro Apk smoothly and without any problems.

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Features of ibis Paint X Pro Apk

If you never use this app and downloaded the app for the first time then make sure to check out some of the amazing and useful features of this app that I have mentioned below in this section.

I have also mentioned some prime features which are only available on the ibis paint x mod apk so make sure to download the premium version from this post.

Share Process with friends

If you are working in a team then do not forget to use the share process feature, Using this option you can share the process and progress with other users who are using the same app.

This feature can be very helpful if you are working in a team or with your friends, and if you want to show them how many projects you have completed then you can do so by using the sharing feature of this app. 

60 fps Smooth drawing

The developer of ibis Paint x claims that you will get a 60 fps refresh rate while using a brush or creating something on this app, But also make sure that this feature will not work on every device, it may differ from device to device.

If you have a high-end Android device then you can use this feature without any problem, On the other hand, if you using this app on a low-end Android device then don't expect a super smooth experience in this app.

381 Kinds of Brushes

One of the best things about this app is that you can use different kinds of brushes to create amazing projects and portraits.

In the ibis Paint app, there are more than 381 brushes available then you can use according to your requirement.

You can not access some of the brushes because it is only available for the prime user, so if you want to access them then you have to buy a monthly membership.

But if you want to use all the brushes and tools for free and without any problem then you can download the ibis Paint X Pro Apk from our site and use all the prime features for free.

Different Brush Settings

As I said before this app has a lot of different kinds of brushes but do you know that each and every brush has its own settings, Yes you heard right each brush has its own amazing feature that can help to create an amazing project in ibis Paint X.

If you are looking for some feature that is not available on this app then you can create your own Paint tool app from Top app development Companies, just contact any one of the app developers from the list and tell them the requirement and the features you want in your app and they will create the app for your within a week.

Add Unlimited Layers

Many other apps don't allow you to add unlimited layers but this app does, as you know adding layers is very important while creating or editing pictures but what if you can add only a limited number of layers, I know this is not going to be good for your projects.

To fix this problem the developer of this app ddecidedto give access to the users to add as many as layers ytheywant.

Removed Advertisements

If you download the ibis paint x mod apk from our site then from now you will not going to see any kind of advertisement in this app also you can access all the premium features for free.

As you know it is so annoying to see the advertisement while drawing or creating a project using this app, To fix this problem the developer decided to launch prime membership,

If you subscribe to the prime membership you will not be going to see any kind of advertisement and you can also able to use all the premium features.

But so many users cannot afford the membership so to fix this problem we have modified the app which means from now you can use the Prime app without any fees.

App Requirement

Specs Minimum Recommended
Space 100 MB 300 MB
Processor Mali, Adreno,
Mali, Adreno,
Android 5.0+ 8.0+

How to Download ibis Paint X Pro Apk?

The downloading process is so simple, If you're reading this post then just click on the Direct download button and the app will start downloading on your device without any problem. But still, if you're facing pa roblem while downloading the app then follow my steps below.
  • Click on the Direct download button.
  • Wait while the download link is ggenerated
  • Now click on the link, then wait for seven seconds.
  • After seven seconds click on the button and start downloading.

How to Install ibis Paint X pro apk on Android?

After downloading the app, search for the downloaded file in your download folder then click on the file now click on the install button, and the app starts installing. After fa ew seconds you can use the app without any problem.

Follow the steps below if you facia ng a problem while installing the app:
  • Open the file manager and search the downloaded app.
  • Click on the downloaded file.
  • Now on the next page Tap on the install button.
  • Wait while the app installeding.
  • After completing the installation process you can use the app without any problem.

Can I use ibis Paint X MOD apk without Ithe nternet?

Once you downloaded the app you can use it without any Internet connection, But if you want to use all the amazing tools which are available on the device then you need to connect your devicetoh an Internet connection.

How to Unlock Everything in ibis Paint X Apk?

There are two ways to unlock everything in the ibis Paint X app. The first option is to join the prime membership of ibis Paint X and get access to all the premium tools but in this method, you need to pay a monthly charge to continue to access all the tools.

But if you don't want to pay to unlock everything then you can use the second option which is to download the modified version of this app from our site and get access to everything in this app.

I hope this post helps you to download ibis Paint x pro apk, You may also want to download VSCO Premium Apk (Unlocked).

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