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FreshWomen [Ep.1-5] (Oppai-Man) All Device

FreshWomen [Ep.1-5] (Oppai-Man) All Device


Version v0.2.9.1
Size347 MB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 31-May-2021
Updated on 08-Dec-2022
Offered by Oppaiman

About FreshWomen

Do you want to download the FreshWomen game for your Android device?

Freshwomen is a Visual Novel game developed by Oppaiman a mature game developer, Freshwomen game is available to download on Stream and Patreon.

The game is supported by multiple devices such as Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux, if you have any of the devices then you can play the game without any issues.

The game is not free to play you need to purchase the game from the Stream website in order to play the game,

Also, you can be a Patreon member of Oppai-Man to play the game, but note that each plan has limited episodes to play for example:

  • Loyal Oppai ($2 / month): Episodes 1 and 2 can be played
  • Petite Oppai ($5 / month): Episodes 1, 2, and 3 can be played
  • Soft Oppai ($10 / month): Play all the Episodes (1, 2, 3, and 4)
Alternatively, if you wish to access all game episodes without any charges and across any device, you can download the game files at no cost from our website and proceed to play the game without purchasing any membership.

Storyline of FreshWomen

The FreshWomen game's story is based on a young man whose family's financial condition was very bad and because of this, his mother has to leave their house and move to a small house where the young men live with the three cousins in the same house.

One thing that disturbs him the most is his father, he grows up without his father and his don't know where his father is right now,

His mother also didn't want to talk about it, so he decide to find out where his father was now and the young men shart collecting all the evidence that he can use to find his father.

One day he got hit by lightning and lost his memory, he couldn't even remember his mother but somehow he get his memory back and again he started his mission which was to find his father.

He discovered a photograph of a woman called Susan beneath his bed, which guided him to a different town.

Upon arriving in the town, he uncovers numerous novel experiences, enrolls in college to finish his studies, encounters new women, and learns about various mysteries.

Key Features of FreshWomen Game

The game has so many amazing features which I have mentioned in this section you can read all of them before downloading the game.

High-Quality Graphics

The main reason why this game is so popular among Visual Novel game players is because of its high-quality graphics, If you love to play games that have stunning small detailings then FreshWomen is the game you must download and play.

Graphics quality is well balanced across all the devices because of this you will experience the same graphics on all the devices such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Unique Girls to Interact

The developer is mainly focused on girls and because of this, you will get to interact with girls very often.

If you play the college then you can have female friends, you can interact with the girl in the mall, and some of the girls will invite you to live with them in their house as well.

Mysterious Storyline

The game has an amazing storyline that allows the player to continue playing the game to solve the next mystery.

The storyline of the game is based on the main character's lost father, and you need to find his father in a whole new town.

Multiple Device Support

If you have Windows, Android, Mac, or Linux devices then you can play games with the same storyline and graphics quality.

Make sure to download the game files according to your device otherwise, you may get problems while installing the game.

How Many Episodes are in FreshWomen?

Oppaiman who is the developer of FreshWomen game has released 5th episode of FreshWomen game, now the game has a total of 5 Episodes, you can download all the episodes from our website for free.

Can I Play on FreshWomen on Android?

The game is available on multiple devices currently the game can be played on Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux devices, if you have any one of the devices then you can play the game.

Is FreshWomen an Offline Game?
FreshWomen is an offline game as doesn't require internet access after installing the game on the device.

Hope this post helps you to download all the episodes of the FreshWomen game for your device for free of cost, you can also download Waifu Taxi or Waifu Academy.

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