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Another Chance v1.30 [Timewizardstudios] (Full X-Ray)

Another Chance v1.30 [Timewizardstudios] (Full X-Ray)

another chance game

Version v1.30
Size1.5 GB
Downloads 10M+
Released on 02-Jun-2009
Updated on 25-Oct-2021
Offered by Majalis

About Another Chance Game

Do you want to Download Another Chance Game for your Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android devices?

Another Chance is a popular virtual novel role-playing game by Timewizardstudios very similar to the Summertime Sage,

This game is based on a fantasy, you play a role of a boy who lives with his family, sister, and cousins, the main character currently is a student and working to build his career.

You going to play the role of the main character in the Another Chance game where you can do anything you want as per your choice.

The whole game is based on a choice and because of this game storyline of the game adapts according to the choice you make.

The Another Chance game has more than 20 unique characters and with all of them, you can interact and be in a relationship.

Just like the summertime saga and Milfy City, this game got a huge map to explore, and according to the developer of the game, there are more than 40+ planned locations.

Some of the main goals of this game are Money, Inventory, Morality, Energy, Dating, and other systems galore, some extra hidden features were also added by the developer of this game which you can explore after completing a few missions.

When it comes to identifying the unique aspects that set this game apart from others, I would highlight its graphics and distinctive art style.

The developer has incorporated a wide variety of animations, and the game boasts impressive graphics quality. The art style chosen by the developer sets the game apart and makes it truly stand out from the crowd.


After getting feedback from the users who already played the game I can confirm that Another Chance Game won't disappoint you and you can download the game from our site without any problem.

Currently, the game is only available to Windows, Linux, and Mac devices so if you have any one of the devices then you can play the game smoothly.

On the other hand, if you do not have access to any one of the devices from this list then you can wait because very soon the developer of this game which is Timewizardstudios coming to release the game for Android users.

I hope this post helps you to download the latest version of the Another Chance Game, you may also want to download Haileys Treasure Adventure and Kame Paradise Apk.

If you like this post then make sure to share it with your friends and classmates so that they can also download the game.

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