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18Titans v1.2.5 [Mity] (Patch) Download All Device

18Titans v1.2.5 [Mity] (Patch) Download All Device


Version v1.2.4
Size152 MB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 31-May-2022
Updated on 08-Feb-2023
Offered by Lewd

About 18Titans Game

Do you want to download 18titans Game for your Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac devices?

The game is based on the popular TV show "Teen Titans", the whole game is based on the Teen Titans TV show including all the Teen Titans characters mentioned in the show.

"Mity" is the developer of the game who added some added extra touch and some additional interesting story to this game besides the original story.

The good thing is that the 18Titans game is available for multiple devices such as Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, from this page you can download the game according to your device type.

The Gameplay of this game is very similar to the Kame Paradise 3 and other Role-playing games, but you going to explore a whole new storyline with amazing new locations such as Titan Tower and some different areas.

And you going to play the role of Robin who is on a mission to capture all the heroes and villains within the game's world.

And the good thing is that you can be able to use all the superpowers Robin has in the 18Titans Game.

A new version of this game has been released which is version 1.2.4 for all kinds of device types.

If you already played the game then you can download the save date and continue with the new storyline skipping all the previous content, on the other hand, if you haven't played the game then do not forget to explore the new content of this game

The Storyline of 18Titans Game

At the beginning of the game, you will see that the main character Robin has been captured by the antagonist Slade.

After capturing Robin, they injected him with a mysterious serum, presumably altering or affecting him in some way.

After a few days Robin has been released, and now Robin sets out on a mission or quest to corrupt other heroes and villains within the game's world.

But you're not alone all the teen titan team will be helping you on your mission,

During the mission, you can interact with all the game characters available in the 18Titans game.

Features of 18Titans Game

Lewd Parody

The game is a lewd parody of the Teen Titans franchise, featuring amazing high graphics content with various characters.

Story-Driven Gameplay

The game offers a unique story experience where players take on the role of Robin, who has been captured and injected with a serum.

The objective is to corrupt other heroes and villains within Titan Tower, you can easily complete all the missions of this game with the help of the Teen Titan superheroes.

Conversation and Choices

Players interact with characters and engage in conversations to convince them to engage in lewd acts.

The game involves making choices and selecting dialogue options to progress the story and relationships.

Money Management

18Titans has game money which can be used for unlocking new items, missions, and in so many different places in the game.

Because of the game money management aspect, you may involve in resource allocation or financial decisions. The reviewer mentioned that this aspect was not their favorite.

Combat Elements

Surprisingly, the game includes turn-based combat encounters. While the combat is described as basic, it provides a diversion and adds variety to the gameplay experience.

You can use all the superpowers on your character in order to knock out the villains within the game.

Authentic Presentation

The game aims to capture the visual style of the Teen Titans franchise. Characters are designed with a similar look to the TV series but with lewder attributes.

The reviewer praises the art, animation, and overall presentation of the game.

Diverse Characters

You can engage in so many activities available in the game with various characters from the Teen Titans series, including Raven, Starfire, Blackfire, and Jinx.

18Titans FAQs

What is the Latest Version of the 18Titans Game?

The current latest version of the 18Titans game is version v1.2.4 which can be downloaded from this game for free of cost for all kinds of device types such as Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Can I Play 18titans on an Android device?

You can download the 18Titans Apk file and install it on your Android device to play the game smoothly without any problem.

Can I Play 18Titans in an Offline Mode?

18Titans is a completely offline game and doesn't require an internet connection to play the game, after downloading and installing the game you can play it without turning on your internet connection.

I hope this post helps you to download the latest version of the 18Titans game for your Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, you may also want to download Solvalley School or AOA Academy.

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