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Kiss My Camera v0.1.9 [Hellocrime] (Patch) Download

Kiss My Camera v0.1.9 [Hellocrime] (Patch) Download

Kiss My Camera

Publisher Hellocrime
Size 171 MB
Version v0.1.9

A brand new role-playing game named "Kiss My Camera" has been released by a developer named "Hellocrime", and in today's you will know everything about this game including the download process.

If you remember the game named "Waifu Academy" which I published on this site some months ago, if you liked that game then this is the next game you must download and play.

The concept of the Kiss My Camera is very similar to the Waifu Academy where you meet many different characters perform multiple tasks and complete missions together.

But the storyline and the game environment of this game makes it unique and different from all the other game,

The developer of this game (Hellocrime) has added his own style and so much uniqueness to this game which I'm sure you going to like the gameplay.

You will be able to experience the game in a 2D environment with amazingly realistic graphics, also there are so many additional features have been added such as Interactive physically-based scenes, choices making, and Mini-games.

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Kiss My Camera Features

Everything is Animated in 60fps

To get a smooth gameplay experience the developer has added animation which is not a normal 30-40 FPS, but 60 FPS because of this you will get super smooth gameplay.

You can also change the quality of the animations and graphic if you face any issues while playing the game, but make sure that lowering the graphics settings will also reduce the FPS which mean the gameplay become less smoother.

One-Click Accessibility in Browser

As you know the game is based on a website page which means you can use all the Accessibility in Browser in the settings,

By clicking on the web page or on the game you will be able to access all the browser's default settings and use them while playing the game.

Any Device Support

The game only requires a good web browser which means you can play the game in any browser available on any device.

Once you downloaded the game file you need to extract the file, you can use your device's default manager app or ZAechiver to extract the file.

Now click on the game file end with.html extension, now the game starts on your device browser you can start the game by clicking on the start button.

Realtime Body Physics Simulation

The characters of the Kiss My Camera game have real-time body physics simulation which enhances the experience of the gameplay.

Play can also customize each and every part of the character's body parts from the customization option and make the characters according they want.

On the game page, the developer has mentioned that he is going to add more than 50+ new characters in future updates.

Characters Customization - Over 80 Clothes and Body shape

Now it will be difficult for you to get bored by playing this game because there are more than 80 clothes and body shapes available in the game.

Players can add clothing to the characters they want to interact with while playing the game.

If you like a character and want to change their clothes or the share of their body parts then you can easily do that without any issue.

17 Characters to Play With

In the v0.1.9 version of this game currently, there are only 17 characters available and you can customize them as per your choice,

Also in the next update, the developer is going to add 50 more characters to this game and all of them are intractable.

Online Progression Saving

Now players don't have to worry about loving their current game state, levels, and all the items that are unlocked by them,

With the help of the online progression saving option, you can retrieve all the saves from the database.

Body Interact Zones

There are multiple zones added by the developer of the game which you can select and interact with,

Each character has different zones which means you need to play the game character and try to understand their body part interactive zone.

Scene Customization

Many games don't allow the players to customize their interactive zone because all the scenes are developed by the developer and can't be changed.

But in this game, you will get a customization option for scenes where you can play the game by making your own scene of your dream.

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