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Princess And Conquest v0.20.10 [TowerFag] Android | PC

Princess And Conquest v0.20.10 [TowerFag] Android | PC

Princess and Conquest

Publisher TowerFag
Size 1.18 GB
Version v0.20.10

Looking for the latest version of the Princess and Conquest game for Android, Windows, and Mac? Now download the game files from this page for free of cost.

In the magical world to play the game as a warrior on a mission to explore this world, Recruit other characters, turn-based battles, and interact with various other characters, particularly princesses.

As per the developer of this game (TowerFag), there are more than 400+ different maps available which are now available to explore.

Princess and Conquest

All the maps in the game contain cities, hidden dungeons, secret events lying around, and a lot of NPCs (Non-player characters).

Currently, the developer of the Princess and Conquest Game is working on a new version of this game that also will be the final version,

The developer has mentioned that the final version will have 20 Reigns (currently working on the 18th) fighting for supremacy, each one of them led by a Princess of a different race or with some unique features!

If you love to customize the character's looks then I have good news for you and that is there are currently more than 100000 possible looks that you can apply on the characters, across 25 different races.

Princess and Conquest

The game has different methods to get more unique companions and the developer recommends following these methods:

  • Find eggs lying across the different map
  • Buy new companions from the Goblins Auctions
  • Conjure Skeletons
  • Resurrect undead into other living races
  • Transform everyone into rabbits

The main feature of this game is that you can interact with all the Princesses and NPCs, which will also unlock your Routes and get to know them better, in every sense.

While interacting with the princesses and random NPC you will able to enjoy the animation along with sound effects.

There are so many other features that have been added by the developer of the game and I'm sure you going to love them while playing the game.

If you are interested in playing this game then you can purchase it from the popular game downloading marketplace such as Itch.io, Stream Games, and much more.

The Princess and Conquest game is currently priced at $14.99 and the game is currently available for the Windows PC.

Soon you will be able to play the game on your Android smartphone and on a MacOS device such as a Macbook and iMac.

Does Princess and Conquest have a Cheat Feature?

Now players can add cheat codes to this game to unlock some unique features, you can also skip missions, unlock new items, unlock new characters, and much more.

What is the latest Build for Princess and Conquest?

Princess and Conquest's latest version is v0.20.10 which you can download for free from this page, you can also bookmark this page to download the unlocking versions of this game for free of cost.

What is the Size of the Princess and Conquest Game?

The current size of this game is 1.18 GB for Windows devices, make sure to have at least 1 GB of free storage on your device to able to play this game.

How Long to Complete the Princess and Conquest Game?

The gameplay time can vary for each player, here are the average hours will take to complete the game.

  • Main Story: 11h 23m
  • Main + Extras: 42h 13m
  • All PlayStyles: 31h 56m

Is Princess and Conquest an Offline Game?

Princess and Conquest is a completely offline game because of this players do not need to turn on internet access while playing the game.

Now you know everything about this game such as the Cheat Code, downloading and Installation process, and most frequently asked questions.

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